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Bottle Of Justus


Combine radio hooks and college appeal with over a decade of performing original music. Add a loyal fan base and years of indie style DIY recording and grassroots promotion. Now spike the concoction with a dose of sibling rivalry. Bottle of Justus is served on the rocks!


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Chris and Joe Quinlan grew up in small Midwestern town far away from big city lights. They wrote songs for their mother Barbara Jean who had the sense to expose them to the Beatles as chidren. The brothers Quilnan split for college along with Justus Woolever at the age of 18 and befriended Erik and Jeff who play drums and bass respectively. They embarked on a musical morph from party band to recording artists and quickly became known as Bottle of Justus.

"BOJ" release a few CDs and tour around the country playing in front of lots of people. They know they are on the right track when Wesley Willis records a song about them whipping a Llama’s ass.

Bottle of Justus churn our heartfelt original music fueled by the toil of twin brothers with an unbridled independent spirit. They will come to your town and grind out a show to remember, drink all your beer and share the deli tray with the crowd. BOJ care not about the how many brown M&M's are in the bowl backstage. They will however, bring the backstage back to the hotel with the latest afternoon checkout in your town. God forbid they find your home first.

BOJ continues to pull off the great Rock and Roll swindle by doing it all themselves and answering to nobody. They'll even tell you a story or two. So make sure to ask them about being strapped in Iowa City with Evan Dando.

The Quinlan brothers vividly remember the first time their big bother brought home his first drum kit. The boys were barricaded out of the family recreation room while BJ pounded away with the big kids on their Peavey guitars. Chris and Joey were not deterred and instead plotted their eventual revenge while listening to the racket outside. The story pinpoints the inception of Bottle of Justus.

Growing up “small town” with “big city” dreams caused a near Footloose style uprising at Charleston High in the winter of ‘96. The debacle began at the school Christmas program. The trio, brothers Chris and Joey Quinlan and best friend Justus Woolever, broke into “Hey Jude”, which garnered hurrahs from the crowd. The school administrators tried to stop the uprising by drawing the stage curtains but the audience wouldn’t have it. Students and parents came to the side of the boys and in the end the band played on with apologies from the principal. The power of a Paul McCartney song was all it took for the boys to affirm they were on to something.

Quinlan-Quinlan and Woolever came to the campus of Illinois State University in the fall of ’97. The freshman from Chucktown initially submitted to lonely college life and spent many hours sulking in their dorm rooms. But they soon found that a pair of six strings makes for incredible ice-breakers when placed in the right hands.
Jam sessions lead to playing parties where the Quinlans met drummer Erik Bogdonas and bassist Jeff Johnson. The group quickly solidified during rehearsals and the quintet began performing at late night college parties. They decide on the name Bottle of Justus and dove into the ISU frat and nightclub circuit where the band flourished. Woolever opted to pursue acting during this period. He left the group with his blessing and the rights to his name were passed to Chris. The price was a pizza and a twelve pack of beer.

BOJ released Sunday Midwestern Afternoon during this time and the short run of 1000 CDs were sold at a head spinning pace. The band decided rather than reprint SMA they would move on to a bigger sound. Mark Kindermann was recruited on sax while BOJ began work on the next album. The sophomore BOJ CD was produced by Edwin Pierce and Chuck Fudge at Shiny on Top Studios in early 2000. Nine months of odd hour recording sessions combined with rigorous shows and school nearly pushed BOJ into oblivion. But the end result became the April 2001 release of the ironically named titled America Cries. The album garnered college and Midwest airplay with the single “Caroline is Waiting” which also was featured on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

America Cries was paramount to the grassroots success of the band as they began touring the Midwest. Bottle of Justus moved from the college circuit to medium sized clubs and even caught the eye of a few Chicago event promoters. The Quinlan twins proved they fronted a fantastic live band and began networking with acts in other areas. The House of Blues began calling and the boys quickly established themselves as a headlining act. During this period the guys were also sharing the stage with many established acts such as The BoDeans, The Why Store, Freddie Jones Band and Stroke 9. So it didn’t take long for the band to set their sights higher and aim towards a more powerful artistic direction.

Chris and Joe met producer Jason Elgin via an association with the Freddie Jones Band in 2000. Elgin was known for engineering duties with Collective Soul, but the Chri


"suddenly ok" album release 2005
singles "Hello" and "Picture"
"On Air" EP 2002
single "Try it Again" from the movie soundtrack "Winter Break"
"America Cries" album release April 2001
single "Caroline's Waiting" featured on MTV's "Road Rules" and "Real World"
All above albums are available via
videos for "Hello" and "Picture" streaming via our website or myspace

"Sunday Midwestern Afternoon" 1999
Album out of print

Set List

Live show with full band is 95% original music since the band has more than enough of thier own songs to eclipse a 90 minute set.
Typical covers include radio rock and pop which would be considered novelty in contrast to the original stuff.
Michael Jackson, Spacehog, Talking Heads, The Flys
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