Contrary to popular belief, good things come from our nation's capital.


Bottles/Cans is a trio based out of Washington D.C. Heavily influenced by the music they listened to growing up - from Dylan to Oasis, Fleetwood Mac to Prince - Bottles/Cans loudly embraces its southern (and northern) roots.

Bottles/Cans is currently recording their debut album, due early summer 2009.

They have shared the stage with bands like OK Go, N.E.R.D., Regina Spektor, Gym Class Heroes, Thievery Corporation, The Dodos, Only Son, Jukebox the Ghost, and many others.

Set List

Typical set (1 hour, 11 songs). Tracks include:

Don't Shoot
Blowing Smoke
Everybody Knows
Say Yeah, Cinderella
Shotgun Sam
Possible Newcomers Welcome
Good Looks
Tabitha Calhoun
Carolina Way
Do You