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"Purevolume feature"

"Bottle Up and Explode want to help you forget that it's about to get really freaking cold outside. Enter the Kingsley EP -- summery Alabama fun at its indie-rockingest. " - Purevolume

"Purevolume feature"

"Bottle Up and Explode want to help you forget that it's about to get really freaking cold outside. Enter the Kingsley EP -- summery Alabama fun at its indie-rockingest. " - Purevolume

"CMJ Spotlight"

"Bottle Up And Explode is a foursome from Auburn, AL, and it does not play country music. This is a band that reflects modern and classic influences, the two most salient being the Beatles and the Strokes (singer Chris Cargile’s vocals recall proven Lennon/McCartney formulas as well as Julian Casablancas’ lyrical styling). This dynamic is surprising for guys whose upbringing largely forbade music and pop culture at large..."


"...Bottle Up And Explode’s EP, Kingsley, embodies that spirit wholeheartedly. It’s exuberant and uptempo, a rallying cry, free of the hang-ups of modern malaise. Cargile sings about the friends in his hometown, getting older, getting dumped. This is all typical pop-fair but freshly packaged in both Cargile’s boyish voice and sheer musical energy. It’s no secret that these guys are genuine, as their honesty shows up in whatever they’re doing. “I think as far as our sound goes we wanted to do something that sounded as young and immediate as we feel and live our lives,” " - College Music Journal

"RadioUTD ( University of Texas at Dallas) review of Kingsley"

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Tracks: Axiomatic, Breakfast, Lucy

RiYL: Voxtrot, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Local Natives, retro vibes, garage, southern indie

Auburn, Alabama’s quartet Bottle Up and Explode recently released their latest EP “Kingsley”. The EP follows the band’s 2009 iTunes release of “Problem Of Pain [Digital 45]”. The band has also released several other tracks via Bandcamp, such as “Tout Va B!ien” and “El Salvador”. A creative mixture between 50’s rock, classic surf riffs, and modern ingenuity, “Kingsley” is sure to impress.

Perhaps the best indicator of the band’s range, “Breakfast,” leads off with a melodic string of vocals, contradicting the upbeat verses of the rest of the EP. Soon enough, however, the song transforms from a soulful anecdote to a full force, catchy piece. The band proves that starting your day off right really does begin with breakfast.

Bottle Up and Explode exudes a certain playfulness while never abandoning skill. Many points of “Kingsley” are made from a mature point of view as evident in the song “Lucy” with “I’m 47, but I feel like I’m 12 . . . and all our friends are dying, you know/And I can’t say goodbye as fast as they go/And I can’t help but think someday Death will take us, too”. These seemingly weighty lyrics are crafted in a lighthearted manner, which epitomizes the band’s ability to capture meaning while still maintaining their signature style.

“Axiomatic”, donning “goodbye just feels a little strange”, appeals with relatable lyrics and well-crafted transitions, making the single an instant hit. The band’s rhythmic likeability is at a maximum with “Summer in the South”. You’ll be reminiscing about summers past with lyrics like, “Summer in the south/we go walkin’ around town/at night we find our friends . . . I miss the younger days”.

“Kingsley” is sure to ease the stress of another school year with catchy lyrics and infectious musicality. The light and energetic vibes will extend your summer far into autumn and beyond. Although not a full-length, this EP is both memorable and worth sharing. And besides, a little southern charm always does wonders for the disposition. - University of Texas at Dallas


KINGSLEY (EP, 2011), AXIOMATIC (single, 2011), Untitled 7" (fall 2011)



Everyone in the band has a slightly different bible-belt upbringing; Chris Cargile grew up doing normal childhood things like burning piles of books, records and movies with his church, while the Thomas brothers Micah and Caleb grew up homeschooled, without TV and hung out with girls who made their own jean skirts.

After a few years in the real world Chris and Micah began a small project that became Bottle up and Explode after the addition of micah's older brother Caleb and drummer Forrest white. They tapped into the influence of some of the only music they could get their hands on growing up: oldies and began writing rock tunes.

After playing shows all over the south east and opening for bands like The Whigs, Those Darlins, & Dead Confederate, they were noticed by rock and roll photographer Ryan Russel and featured on his "Nervous Energies" ( acoustic performance video sessions, which prompted them to begin working on their debut EP Kingsley. Which was self produced in Caleb and Micah's basement. The EP was released in August of 2011 and was quickly picked up by regional radio with the single "Axiomatic".

They soon gained the attention of grammy award winning producer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Cold war Kids, Norah Jones) and are releasing a 7" produced by him in the fall of 2011.

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