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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Almost Famous"

Genre: Acoustic/Rock/Soul
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Sounds like: Dave Mathews Band,
John Mayor, Amos Lee
If you like being ahead of the curve
and listening to a band that can find
the perfect acoustic sound with just
the right amount of personal touch,
Boulevard hits it head on. The very
talented and diverse musicians of the
band originally began when front
man Brian Pounds dabbled in song writing while still in high school. The band offi-
cially formed in 2007 and likes to “try to play a diverse and blended mix of musical
styling that will hopefully strike a chord with each specific target audience we play
to.” Songs from the band will be available on iTunes beginning later this month and
can also be heard on their website at Boulevard
is a band just getting started, so if you’re interested in beating the crowd, I would
highly recommend Boulevard to anyone searching for something new.
- The Wichitan


Boulevard shows off their knack for writing catchy melodies, and simple, yet thoughtfully created arrangements in their single "Tired." The song begins with a light finger-picking acoustic guitar pattern, which is then supported by sustained chords on the organ and warm, organic percussion. This is followed by a nice little melody performed on the piano which leads the listener right into the first verse. The singer's relaxing tone fits extremely well with the title and theme of the song, making you want to sink deep down into your seat and get comfortable.

This piece of music could use some development structurally though. The chord progression becomes quite redundant as the song plays through, and the repetitiveness could cause the listener to feel...well, tired and a little bored. The drummer opening up to a full kit, or more activity in the bass line could really help add more depth and complexity to the song. A bridge would also help keep the listener's attention and add another dimension to the progression.

Overall, Boulevard has an impressive level of talent and musicianship. The underlying piano and organ lines help support and move the song forward, the vocals are strong but soothing, and the percussion is subtle yet extremely tasty - Note Promote


We are in the process of Releasing our first Album which can be heard at



Boulevard is an Acoustic Rock band that was formed in Oklahoma City in 2007. Influenced by artists such as Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, and Amos Lee along with a few more obscure artists, Boulevard is known for their high quality shows, their fun loving spirit, and their overall likeness. With a studio album in the works and an extensive touring schedule, Bouelvard is sure to be a big hit before long.
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