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Hypnotic rhythms that throb your half conscious body, a voice ringing “conform to your hopelessness”, sickly sweet melodies that stick to your brain like napalm. This is Bound. Strange, compulsive arrangements with an anthem sized sound of just bass, drum and vocals.


Witnessing the initial stages of dementia and knowing the inevitable end. How close, sudden, and unpredictable death can be. This music is written through compulsion. It’s meant to get into your head just as these experiences have plagued ours. It takes patience to get it right, lyrically and musically the arrangements have to be perfect. For these ideas to make any sense to anyone, ourselves included the delivery must be flawless. This is Bound: the music, the delivery, the inevitable impact. Bound is influenced by so many; here are a few: Om, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Trans Am, Pixies, Curtain of Habit (90s local)


Bound EP - The Sword and the Throat
released in January 2009
all songs written by Stewart Elton
Produced by Dice Parks
Performed by Stewart Elton and Dice Parks

Set List

Miracle Woman
Kiss her blue
Sweat for the dead
Cut the fusion
Light falls apart

our set is just over 30 mintues at the moment. We can play longer and shorter sets depending on the arragement we choose to play for each song.
At the moment no covers (though we might through in an 80's "feel good hit")