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Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ
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"Up & Coming."

"BoundAlive is one of the best new bands to come out from the NYC and NJ area in the past 5 years and it’s unique style will take them anywhere they choose to." - Steppin' Out Magazine

"Be Ready To Be BoundAlive"

“BoundAlive rock from Newark, New Jersey. These guys are really starting to put some cool things together, but they're still a novice in the grand scheme of the music biz. You would like to see a manager grab a hold of these guys and help them focus their artistry and produce a solid 11 track EP to attract a major label to their product.” -


BoundAlive Demo Released on March 2007.
1. "BoundAlive"
2. "Dying Breed"
3. "Silenced"

"Lights Out/No Reason" Singles released on September 2008.

"Esprit de Corps" Album to be released on May 2010.

"Blame" Single released on October 2017.

"Fake" Single released on February 2018.

"Incisions/Can Never Tell" Singles set for May 2018 release.




BoundAlive was created with the sole purpose of breaking all barriers in today's music. With it’s unique style of Hard Rock and Metal BoundAlive is reinventing the genre, yet you can still feel and hear it’s influences from the 80's Thrash Metal and 90's Grunge movements.

BoundAlive started in 2006 when guitarist and vocalist Bryan Pearsall and lead guitarist Danny Sainovski who had been playing together for over 5 years and had known each other for a longer period of time, had gone through a variety of musical projects and finally came across extraordinary drummer Jamil Remuszka. Soon after Jamil Remuszka joined the band, all three members started working on new songs and finding ways to push their musical boundaries to new heights with their talent.

In late 2006 they found guitarist and songwriter Jorge A. Avila thanks to the world wide web. Bryan, Danny & Jamil presented Jorge with the songs they had been working on for the past few months. Impressed with what he heard and seeing the potential that this band had, Jorge decided to go ahead and take a chance by switching from being a guitar player to a bass player, an instrument he had being playing remotely for his own songwriting and join the band as the last and final piece of what today is....BoundAlive.

In February 2007, BoundAlive recorded a three song demo in just under 10 hours of studio time that included recording, editing and mixing. The idea was to give the world a small taste of what was to come and the response has been phenomenal.

Currently, BoundAlive is in the recording studio finishing up on their upcoming debut album "Esprit de Corps" and will soon be releasing the first two singles "Lights Out!" & "No Reason"

Be Ready For The Take Over!

"Join the BoundAlive Army"

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