Bound To Fall

Bound To Fall


If you were to put Local H, Weezer, Hawthorne Heights, and Paramore in a blender, You would get one energetic heart pounding rock experience, you would get Bound To Fall.


In 2002, in the heart of Indiana a no named drummer and a talented guitarist had the desire to rock and thus formed a small two man band. Later a bass player and a singer and another guitarist joined and formed what is now known as Bound To Fall. The world would never be the same. Ok well at least for the band. They started off making music for fun, but it wasn't enough, they wanted more. Spending countless hours keeping neighbor's dogs up till the wee hours of the morning, Bound To Fall completed what would become the E.P. of all E.P.'s. An E.P. that was so raw, so cut to the heart of life, so robust in its depth that no word in the English language could be found to describe it. The band has had influences from great artists such as Local H, Foo Fighters, Paramore, Nirvana and others. Personal influences from Clarion and AudioDiner must also be mentioned. If one wanted to describe this band you would have to start with one word; ROCK. The band is about rock, and everyone who has picked up an instrument and reached in their inner gut and pulled out everything they had in the name of rock. Yeah, that's what this band is about. That is Bound To Fall!


Bound To Fall E.P.

Set List

1) The Outside
2) Because Of You
3) Apart
4) Burn
5) Heavy Pictures
6) High School
7) The Song Which We Shall Not Name
8) A cover
9) Shredded wire
10) Under the oak tree