Bounty Band

Bounty Band

 Oakville, Ontario, CAN


Bounty came together somewhat by chance-in some cases,-through a music school’s “School of Rock” styled classes. Lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist Talyor Brockelsby (now 17) and lead guitarist Sheldon Gill (now 17) are two original members of the band who were placed together by chance. This was their first time playing in a band. At that time, Bounty was a four piece band: two guitars, a drummer, with their teacher Rick Hamelin playing bass. Some time later, a keyboardist joined the band.

Another chance moment occurred when drummer Daniel Guerrette (now 13) visited the school with his parents. As it turned out, Bounty’s drummer was moving to Germany….and the drum stool was open for Daniel to fill. Hearing how the band played – and how Daniel never played in a rock band yet in his life, either – he literally jumped at the chance.

The keyboardist moved on to a different music school and – again, somewhat by chance –- keyboardist and vocalist Nathan Bain (now 16) had already been attending the school as a solo pianist. Being impressed with hearing Nathan’s abilities at school showcases before, the keyboard position was there for him to take and his first band experience also began.

That empty position of bass player was finally filled after three years when Adrian Pantelone (now 17) joined the school – and the band. Now, the circle was complete! What came together by chance now had the makings of a great band and not only a musical band but also a band of good friends.

For three or so years since its inception the band only performed at School recitals and the odd street festival. Through these events, however, Bounty was invited to open for indie performer Matt York as well as Jeff Healey.

At the suggestion and under the guidance of their teacher, Rick Hamelin, Bounty went into the studio in May 2008, to record an eleven-track, live off the floor CD of all original material written by Taylor, Nathan and Sheldon.

The posting of tracks on their new MySpace page brought them to attention of Supernova, a company focused on battle-of-the-bands events throughout North America. Since June 2008, Bounty has taken part in several such events, winning almost thirty hours of studio time and growing a base of very supportive fans. Bounty almost always met or exceeded their part of the ticket sales for these shows, and Supernova had them headline a battle at the El Mocambo in January 2009.

In April 2009, Bounty entered into a management contract with MCJB Entertainment Inc., a corporation with vast experience and connections in the entertainment industry. Together, Bounty and MCJB are embarking on an exciting period of creativity, development, and performing that could bring a new and exciting voice to the Canadian and International music scene.