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Bourbon Army

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock


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"Great Record Production"

"Bourbon Army has a new take to the two piece guitar, drums and vocals format. Steering it out of Blues and Garage Rock. There are hints of Sonic Youth and Monster Magnet in there. Really Refreshing stuff" - Ed - Music Producer – Recording Engineer – (Gizzard Recording Studio)

"Brooklands FM. Unsigned Radio Station"

“You have a fantastic new sound and there is a lot of energy and originality in your songs…” - David Durant - Head of Live Music – (Brooklands FM)

"The Best Act in London"

"B.A. stands not only for Bourbon Army but for the BEST ACT in London... Every time I see a crowd go crazy in any of the Monto´s events I know it’s all because of them..." - Paul Ryan - Live Show Promoter (Monto Water Rats)

"Great Sound"

“I really like what you’re doing...”

- Ron Nevison – Record Producer – (credits include The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin)

"A live show you must see"

"A huge blues rock sound from two guys with a guitar and drums making giving an experience reminiscent of Hendrix” - Absent Kelly - Live Show Promoter (Brixton Jamm, The Amersham Arms, Dirty South)

"Bourbon Army, a refreshing yet wild experience..."

I am sure that you’ve heard the overused term “rock is dead.” Do you believe it? Ever thought why people say so? First of all I do believe it, in some sort of way. Actually rock is still alive and going strong, in the underground scene. It is no longer being given the deserved mainstream attention.
Up till the eighties, or late seventies, women, ladies and sexy chicks used to follow rock, therefore men listened to rock. You (men), even if you are ugly, listening to rock made you a macho and chicks fell at your feet like match sticks fall off a box when it’s held upside down. The hairier you were the better. The more beard you had, the more animals coexisted in it, the better. But times change, and instead of rock, mainstream magazines and clubs started promoting less wild music. That also helped in shifting the main crowd of chicks to softer genres of music, shall we say, genres for pussies. Hence, obviously men followed (OK, I don’t blame them here!). Many people still listen to rock music at home, though. Their heart still beats strong for rock baby! But when they go out, and want to hang around with the, shall we say modern crowd, they have to wash, smell nice and shave, as that’s what magazines say. The heaviest kind of rock music they can listen to in public is Nickelback, which let’s face it; they’re a joke, a bunch of posers and wannabe’s!

How can you grow a zoo for insects, look scruffy and listen to Nickelback? That definitely wouldn’t give you the macho look you want. But never give up because I have a solution for you. Bourbon Army! A new two men, yes, 2 men band from the UK, or as Americans call it, youkay. Finally the lack of good production and lack of instruments gave this band that much desired 60's / 70's rough rock sound, when rockers were classified as cool for destroying instruments and everything around them. There is no fancy hanky penky noise, or funny instruments, just a guitar and drums. Their cymbal prominent drums, heavy and scruffy guitar riffs, and stoned kind of vocals make them a unique psychedelic garage band. It is quite a refreshing yet wild experience to listen to such a band in an era when a lesbian teenager leads the music scene.

Finally some good heavy rock music presented to you in a raw way, ala sushi, no extra studio dingalings and expensive mixers. Bourbon Army play old school garage days music which gives you a blast of energy and gets you head banging till you kick the hell out of the guys next to you! Therefore start growing your beard again, let’s look scruffy and visit for a really good startup push into the world of real psychedelic noisy and wild rock. They will definitely scare the shit out of those insects in your beard! -

"J The Blues Music Review"

J Blues is an excellent and versatile musician/songwriter who I have had the pleasure of working with as his producer. He is extremely conscientious about his work, and has a very affable personality which is undoubtedly a benefit and reflected in his passionate songs. Reflections of the great guitarist such as Hendrix, Clapton, Frampton can be herd in J's guitar playing which coupled with his song writing makes for an interesting and exciting combination. Furthermore he also has considerable natural vocal talent which tells his blues songs with an engaging sensibility leaving the listener transfixed. I do not hesitate to recommend J The Blues.

Producer Mark Garfield - Mark Gardfield - Music Producer -

"Billboard Magazine Discoveries"

Billboard Magazine - Cortney Harding

“J The Blues attests that “music has always been his bride,” and he’s taken her on quite a journey—from his hometown of Caracas, Venezuela to Ashland, Ala., now residing in London. For each stop, he obviously remembered to pack his suitcase full of funk, which he offers in heaping helpings throughout his current playlist. Fan favorite “Scotch & Blues” serves a quintessential dose of the singer, guitarist and songwriter’s “Rock and Rolla” stylings, in which he bellows soulfully, “This night, I’m gonna cry it loud/I’m hurt, yes I’m hurt.” J’s not feeling much better on “Don’t Smoke Me (Like A Cigar),” with a cacophony of mournful guitars, horns, pensive percussion and another down-and-dirty lyric about the abuse his heart is bearing. “Getting New Ways” plays out more like a hard rock (blues-endorsed) anthem, with a gruffer vocal; while “Through the End” reads like an angst-ridden Jim Morrison toss-up. “So Long” is a defining track here, as mournful a ballad as has traveled down the blues pike. The primary caveat: The sound quality of these recordings is, at best, low-fi and at worst, sounds as if they were captured with a hand-held cassette recorder from the front row at a live gig; they are obviously not ready for prime time consumption. But as a showcase for an act that’s feeling every bitter emotion, J The Blues is absolutely keeping it real.” - Cortney Harding - Billboard Magazine

"J The Blues Music Review"

Ron Nevison - Music Producer (The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelín, Joe Cocker, Lynyrd Skynyrd)

“I like you a lot. After listening to your music and checking out your EPK I think you are a really tasty guitar player and I enjoyed listening” - Ron Nevison - Music Producer

"J The Blues Music Review"

Pete Dyson - Music Industry Legal Adviser (Coldplay & Elbow)

“These are good sounds!!! I like it…”

- Pete Dyson - Music Industry

"J The Blues Music Review"

Psychedelic Velveeta 96.3 KNDS FM - North Dakota – USA

“..Man the blues never felt so good! We would feel honored to spin your platter over the air waves!”

- Psychedelic Velveeta 96.3 KNDS FM - North Dakota – USA

"J The Blues Music Review"

David Durant - Head of Live Music - Brooklands FM

“Glad to hear you're keeping the Hendrix spirit alive! Great Stuff" - David Durant - Head of Live Music - Brooklands FM


DEMO - NICE & HEAVY (Recorded Live at the studio in pure analog technology)



Bourbon Army is a two-man psychedelic- rock - garage band from London, UK, which formed in 2009, consisting of singer and guitarist J Volcano and drummer Ace. After releasing several singles Bourbon Army rose to prominence in 2010, as part of the garage-psychedelic-blues-rock revival scene. Their success was gained by the attention from a large and growing audience in the United Kingdom.