Bourbon Princess

Bourbon Princess


Featuring bassist/vocalist/songwriter Monique Ortiz and original Morphine drummer Jerome Deupree. "Blue Wave": beat-inspired vocals and lyrics backed by a bass-driven blend of new wave and post-punk. The sound of Bourbon Princess is nothing short of cinematic, beautiful and haunting.


Bourbon Princess is a band of four exceptional musicians making beautiful, dark-edged, highly original music featuring the lyrical songwriting of singer/bassist Monique Ortiz. And although the striking front woman does enjoy a good glass of Maker's Mark, she is not the actual Bourbon Princess.
"People always come up to me at shows and ask me why the band name called Bourbon Princess,"Monique says. "I try to explain that it's not me, but a woman the Marquis de Sade had an affair with - the Princess of Bourbon - and that I named the band after her.”
With the co-release of Bourbon Princess' new Dark of Days by the Accurate and HI-N-DRY labels and the band's upcoming tours, Monique will have a lot more explaining to do as a bigger audience comes under the spell of her group's mesmerizing sound.
Monique calls the sound "blue wave ": new wave with a restrained but distinct blues and jazz flavor. She crafts the approach from the warm, flexible tones of her contralto voice and the deep sonorities of her versatile bass playing, with the help of her talented co-conspirators: original Morphine drummer Jerome Deupree, Either/Orchestra saxophonist/leader Russ Gershon and guitarist/pianist Jim Moran.
Bourbon Princess began as a bass and drums duo, but over the course of two albums, 2000's debut Stopline and 2003's Black Feather Wings, and hundreds of live performances, the group's line-up and adventurous sound textures have grown into one of the most distinctive styles in modern rock while drawing comparisons to such giants as Jeff Buckley, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison and Nina Simone.
Dark of Days is a creative breakthrough for Bourbon Princess. "The album is more pop yet darker than anything we've done," says Monique. "That might seem contradictory, but I think we've pulled it off."
"It's the first body of songs I've written that are really influenced by the times," she continues. "The first two albums were about things that were going on in my head or in my immediate world. This one is less self absorbed. 'Dark of Days’' is really about the political times we're all living through now. 'Cliché' is social commentary, written from the point of view of a single woman struggling to make a living, not ready to give up and yet not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for all of her efforts. I think plenty of us are feeling that way today."
Dark of Days is also the first full-length collaboration between Monique and Paul Q. Kolderie (producer/engineer for Radiohead, Hole, Morphine, and many others), who manned the console. "It was a great partnership," she says. "He could hear what we were trying to do with our sound and made it more expansive and clear. Since Paul is a bass player, too, it was easier for me to convey the sound I wanted to capture, which is very bass driven, without compromising the other instruments."
Although Bourbon Princess is based in Boston, Monique hails originally from the Pennsylvania of open farmlands and Amish horse-and-buggy traffic. She moved to Massachusetts seeking an environment more receptive to her creativity. Within months she was performing her songs in clubs and coffeehouses, at art school parties and poetry slams, accompanying herself on fretless bass. Audiences immediately responded to her dry wit and riveting presence.
Early on Monique began perfecting a percussive and sliding instrumental style flavored by Arabic grooves, the perfect support for her cinematic lyrics which, while at times unsettling, are always strangely beautiful and affecting.
Besides the two previous Bourbon Princess albums, Monique's songs have appeared on the Respond II compilation alongside tunes by Ani DiFranco, Aimee Mann and Dolly Parton, and on MTV's Real World. She has also been nominated for a prestigious Boston Music Award and in the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll in the best female vocalist category.



Written By: Monique Ortiz

Glad another bad thing came upon me.
All is good. It brought about a change.
Now I can see.
Guess I got a little too comfortable.
Catastrophe saved me from being one of them:
The walking dead.

Ran out of words to describe this
so I'll use colour.
I'll paint beyond the lines,
a lovely waste of time.
And I'm grateful to be dirt-poor.
No need for a lock on my door.
I've nothing left to steal...
Nothing real.

Father always said "When one door closes
another one is sure to open."
And "god only gives you what he knows you can take."
As true as they are, I'm so sick of the cliches.

So I made all the phone calls, I filed all the papers.
I'm tired! I don't wanna go back!
Tired of feelin' so trapped.
Well, I'm well-educated and bored out of mind,
irresponsible, loving, and kind,
talented, lazy, and unmotivated,
crazy, unstable, and self-medicated.

I take my fate
with a cup of black coffee and a piece of chocolate cake.
Throwing myself to the wolves at my door,
I do it in style. I've done it before.
I always go out with a smile on my face.

Listening to the yuppies on the evening commute is depressing.
Well, their lives, they seem to pivot on yoga and low-fat dressing.
I have holes in my socks and I don't own a watch that's ticking.
My apartment is cold and all the faucets are dripping.
This bump of fate is my Cracker Jack prize,
neatly-centered on my silver plate.
Not taking orders. I'm sleeping late.

Master Manipulator

Written By: Monique Ortiz

If it makes you feel better
to put the blame on me
go ahead. Go ahead.
Go ahead and do it.
After so many times
trying to defend myself,
it was really, it was really no use.

You learned from the best.
The master manipulator.
You're smooth but obvious.
I'll let you believe it,
but I won't fall for it.

Tell them. Tell everyone
all the reasons I'm a louse.
Spread the rumor.
Tell the story if it keeps you in that crowd.

Well, I'm not sorry that you're miserable
'cuz your misery's not my fault.
Don't wait for explanation.
I don't owe you anything.
You owe me.

Can't look up to you anymore.
Can't trust you or the things you say,
but I can watch it all unfold.
And in the end I'll come out okay.

'Cuz You learned from the best.
The master manipulator.
You're smooth but obvious.
I'll let you believe it,
but I won't fall for it.


-Stopline (full-length independent release. c 2000)
-"Jerkoff" (3-song e.p. c.2002)
-Black Feather Wings (full-length. Accurate Records. c 2002)
- Dark Of Days (c 2005...due out 4/5/05)

Set List

1. Stretcher
2. Another Day
3. Waiting Noon
4. Sunset
5. Blue Kitchen
6. The Hat
7. Supergirl's Complaint
8. Sunset
9. Clocks
10. Black Feather Wings

typical set: 45 minutes. Usually we are asked to do encores...and another 10-15 minutes.