Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street


blues-based high energy 70's style rock Oz original music, uncompromisingly meshed with musical integrity. melodic lyrical depth, driving energetic rythym, unique sound to move touch and inspire the audience. 4 independent albums, played 1000's of gigs, toured Oz and USA.


Bourbon Street October '06

It has been just short of twenty years since this four-piece hard rock band formed in Byron Bay in February of '87. In their first six years, Bourbon Street toured the east coast of Australia relentlessly, building a strong following of devotees,
touring north to Cairns and south to Melbourne.

Inspired by the great works of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Stones, CCR, Santana, AC/DC, Bob Dylan and the like, Bourbon Street developed a style of high-energy rock uncompromisingly meshed with the musical integrity and lifestyle of the 70's.

Three albums and 1,000's of gigs later, the band turned its back on the road, reforming only for small tours and special occasions. In 2005, however, the group began work on a fourth album; their first in more than 13 years. At the invitation and with the help of old friend Powderfinger guitarist, Ian Haug (Powderfinger, heavily influenced by Bourbon Street in their formative years, derived their name from the first song on Bourbon Street's first album), the band wrote and produced an album of twelve songs. The bulk of the album being recorded at Ian's studio Airlock in Brisbane.

Titled "Borrowed Bones," the album was mastered in Sydney at Studio 301 this month and is scheduled for official release in November this year. With this fresh burst of creative energy, Bourbon Street has become inspired to embrace the road once again. Late September saw them touring northern NSW, kicking up dust in their old stomping grounds, and climaxing with an electrifying performance at the Pub With No Beer festival with Rose Tattoo, the Hoodoo Gurus and Jimmie Barnes on September 30.

With some of the new tracks already receiving airplay on some community radio stations, the band is motivated to again spread their music around Australia. The current set list comprises an assortment of their best original work, including material off the early albums, a few off the new album and the occasional cover song from the bands who influenced them most.

Unlike many of today's throw-together vintage bands, Bourbon Street is just as it always was - all four original members, still committed to giving every ounce of energy and sweat to every gig, as if it was their last. While the venues and music scene have changed dramatically since the band first formed, for Bourbon Street the sound remains the same.


Silver Dollar

Written By: Colin Germano

My baby came and left me, and now she ain't around
She put on that pretty dress and staggered into town
I said hey yeah, I won't stay 'round here no more
I'm gonna spend my silver dollar on two 50-cent whores
My best friend call me up, and then he come around
Twenty minutes later, neither can be found
I said hey yeah, what kinda fool they take me for
I'm gonna spend my silver dollar on two 50-cent whores
My woman drinkin' whiskey, my woman drinkin' rum
My woman drink anything, come home with anyone
I said hey yeah, that woman's rotten to the core
I'm gonna spend my silver dollar on two 50-cant whores
Yeah, well later on that night, my woman stumble home
She come into the bedroom but I ain't alone
I said hey yeah, we got three down here on the floor
Yeah, I spent my silver dollar on two 50-cent whores

Rosie's Bar & Grill

Written By: Simon Dundon

Rosie's Bar and Grill - Simon Dundon
I've got a friend who should know, what it's like to behold
I've got a friend who's a registered confidante in a sea of snow
For I know what it's like where you go
The leaves fall from the trees in a gentle breeze
I think I've got a feeling of natural ease
For I know what it's like where you go
Your hat's off and your feet are in the air
Turnin' white in to black and you don't even care
As I slip and slide into my dream
You lay your hands on the ground, you stand up, you sit down
You don't even know what you mean
I've got a freind who should know what it's like to behold
Ive got friend who's a registered confidante in a sea of snow
Oh I know what it's like where you go, what it's like where you go, what it's like where you go
Don't you know that I've flown into the tune
Getting crazed by the light of the moon
And I'll leave the smell of the sea in your head
I've got friends who should know what t's like to behold
I've got a friend who's a registered confidante in a sea of snow
For I know what's like where you go, what it's like where you go, what it's like where you go

Borrowed Bones

Written By: Colin Germano

Borrowed Bones - Colin Germano
She took me to the monument, where a young boy lay beneath
Four long years he loaned his lifed, his limbs and bones and teeth
Now he's got his name engraved on a polished piece of rock
One life he'll look back on this and charish them borrowed bones
There's a lady in the back, she sweeps the floor with a pitchfork and an ax
She doesn't know which way she'll go,
When she's packed up, put away, by then I guess she'll know
And I'll bet one day she'll find, those who born deaf and or blind
Baby they will all get in line, crying and begging for borrowed bones
Dyin' to make it home, livin' on borrowed bones
And as you stumble through life, through all them lows and the highs
I'll bet you'll get sick and tired of dying' and livin' on borrowed bones
Ageing like rolling stones, you're a complete unknown, spiritually disowned
Living on borrowed bones


All independent releases, self finaced & produced.

>1987 - Stronger Than Dirt
Recorded at Music Farm, Byron Bay, NSW.
Engineered Greg Courtney

>1989 - Live By Night
Recorded at Bushtrax, Nimbin, NSW.
Engeneered Dave Hiatt

>1993 - Time Flies
Recorded at Bright Light Studios, Lismore, NSW.
Engineered Tony Mockeridge & Greg Courtney

>2006 - Borrowed Bones
Recorded at Old Dog Studios, Corndale, NSW & Airlock, Brisbane, QLD.
Engineered Emmerson Bavinton, Doug Pegg & Al Pegg

Set List

The current set list comprises of an assortment of their best original work. with band performing material off earlier albums, some off the new album 'Borrowed Bones', and occassional cover songs from the bands who influenced them most.

Listed as -

Time Flies
Women, Waves and Weed
Silver Dollar
Borrowed Bones
Rosie's Bar & Grill
She Said
Inner City Blues (Rodriguez)
When Your Broke
Natural Blonde
She's Not There (Santana)
Kitten Blues
Bigger the Dog
Whole Lotta Rosie (ACDC)
Angel's Prayer
Whole Lotte of Love (Led Zeplin)