Bourbon - The Master of Disaster

Bourbon - The Master of Disaster


The Master of Disaster. The Whiskey Drinking Bastard and his Old School Music in a New Suite.

Must say... I love my friends, fans, bro's & Sisters.

Keep your life high!!


Welcome to one of the world's most experienced and best Entertainer/ Rock n' Roller / Troubadour & Singer / Songwriter. The Working Environment in the Earth's four corners. with over 30 years in the business. Such is Bourbon - The Master of Disaster the best and safest option.

When you can boast to have play for princes & princesses, Sheikh & Other senior leaders and got them to enjoy the entertainment. Played for street children & workers, managers & housewives and got them to enjoy the entertainment, then you know you did something right.


Album - My Life You Life Our Life (Record Union)
Single - Tonight Babe (TuneCore)
EP - Kevlar Soul (Ubetoo)
Single - Real Hero (Ubetoo)
Single - Once upon a time (Ubetoo)
Single - Hey You (Record Union)

The Single "Hey You" Number one for a month on a local radiostation.