Zanesville, Ohio, USA

Very open Genre Not sure how to Explain We are mellow sometimes heavy the next or both at the same time


We are a band from the Zanesville Area of Ohio we Label ourselves as Alternative/Progressive we formed January of 2009 And have played many shows mainly Around the Columbus Area Some of our Influences are The Doors, Tool, Seether, and Alice in Chains.


We are currently working on our first Cd and hope for its completion by late summer early fall of 2010 title of night and day or crows and sparrows

Set List

we have several of our own songs the main ones we play at most shows are Given, Coming Home, The Other, My Stigmata, and Myself some of our covers include Seethers Remedy, Silverchairs Anthem for the year 200, Alice in Chains Nutshell and Bob Segars Turn the page we usally do different shows for alot of different places some place we only get 30 min some we get 2 hours just depends were we are at we currently have 12 originals and 5 or 6 covers