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Bout Dat Money Music

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Kia Shine ft. DA PREPS - White Vee (single)
Ice the Villain - The L.@.Me Mixtape
Ice the Villain - The Relationship
ice the Villain - L.@.Me 2
Pizo - Wherever I Go
FNFG - Lead By Example
Lil Dee - The Induction



In the ever-changing music industry, seldom does a talent emerge with the vision and ability to set trends and weather the storm. Fortunately for the urban genre, producer/songwriter/engineer Damien Parham, professionally known as LCD, is such a talent. Born in the Bahamas and raised on two different continents, the founder of Bout Dat Money Music is focusing his efforts on making timeless hits.

Known amongst his peers simply as D, he began his musical career at the age of 4, taking piano lessons for 10 years. He later pursued the saxophone and dabbled with the drums. His father, a distinguished musician and composer, was his main influence in music, "My dad plays piano and drums, and once he started making his OWN music, I was hooked." After an extended time living in South America, LCD has learned a new appreciation of world music, and believes that rap has become too stagnant. "Even though I’m 100% ‘Bout Dat Money’, I make music out of love and respect for the craft. I’m trying to incorporate new sounds and let everyone know that you can make hit records and still be creative."

Creative, indeed. Stamped with his signature “Bout Dat Money” tag, his 808-laced compositions are meticulously composed and his melodies have often been mistaken for samples. “I don’t sample much,” says the ground-breaking producer, “I’d rather create my own sound from scratch… mold it like a ball of clay.” In attempts to further distance himself from the pack, LCD now has set his sights on learning to play the guitar.

Growing up in a musical family, he cites a variety of artists from different genres as influences. Names like Duke Ellington, Michael Jackson, Chick Corea, Dave Brubeck and Willie Hutch are just a few of his predecessors that have helped shape LCD’s musical style. He also says he looks up to the likes of Dr. Dre, Mannie Fresh and DJ Quik for their incredible ability to produce AND mix great music, “The sonic quality in their tracks is top notch, and inspired me to start mixing my own stuff.” The self-taught engineer has since become the “go-to guy” for mixing and mastering in the Washington, DC metro area and beyond.

Since moving to Atlanta, LCD is inundating the streets with his hypnotic sound and taking over airwaves in a market better suited for his style. Being the proverbial triple-threat with outstanding production, creative songwriting and superior mixing skills, one can’t help but anticipate and expect greatness from Bout Dat Money Music.