Bovine Homecoming
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Bovine Homecoming

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Weekly Listings"

"SUN. Bovine Homecoming: What do Bovine Homecoming sing?
Who cares; give 'em eight bucks for Awesome Band Name of the Week..." - The New York Press

"Along For The Ride"

"My daughter, armed with a degree in theater, co-wrote something called 'Tales of Hysteria,' which has been performed for bupkis in the Lower East Side. She plays in a self-described 'radical marching band' in New York called The Rude Mechanical Orchestra (zero money) and is the drummer in a rock group called Bovine Homecoming, whose revenues are modest in the extreme. Fabulous stuff. Not a health benefit in sight.'" - The Boston Globe

"Spaghetti Dinner"

"Quick side note: right before my speech this fantastic young band of young rockers did most certainly rock the house. keep your ears peeled for Bovine Homecoming. This trio was reminiscent of Yo La Tengo with a touch of The Feelies and maybe the Velvet Underground and, um, that new band where they wear fuzzy animal masks?" - The Blog Party

"Message from India"

-Referring to
"The bovine home page is by far the most efficient loading site I've been to since being in India, where the internet is super slow, and worth as many rupees as delicious curry." - Cecelia


How You Sent My Summer Vacation (EP - Self-Released)


Feeling a bit camera shy


We try to show up on time and start when it says on the flyer. I really hate it when you get to the venue and the guy is like, "OHH, we just put 8 on the flyer! You guys go on at 10:30!" I think it shows an overall lack of faith in humanity on the part of the dude who said that.