Bow Arrow

Bow Arrow

 Hamilton, Waikato, NZL

Electronic solo project of Matt Scheurich, the guy who was shot with two arrows to the chest in a remote jungle village of Papua New Guinea.


Bow Arrow is the electronic solo music project of Matt Scheurich. After spending 3 months in a remote village within the Western Province of Papua New Guinea in 2011, Matt returned to Australia via medical evacuation after receiving two arrows into his chest by a crazed man in June. After 6 weeks of hospital surgeries and care, Matt focussed his experiences of jungle life and recovery into his first album release “S Of An Aftermath” expressed through tones of anger, despair, appreciation and hope, filtered through an alternative pop electronic production. Currently located in his birth country of New Zealand while still recovering, Matt is working on his follow-up album titled “Minor Victories” as well as collaborating on new material with fellow NZ music producer Pikachunes.

Notable key influences include Japan, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie and Gary Numan, as well as Daft Punk, Underworld, Leftfield, Danger and Justice.

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* Sum Of An Aftermath

* "Glitter" from Sum Of An Aftermath
* "Message" from Sum Of An Aftermath