Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
BandChristianHip Hop

I am a natural-born songwriter who feels the heart beat in the lyrics just as much as in the music.


I am a 21 year-old University of Oklahoma college-student who is a soon-to-be pastor.

I write on a variety of subjects / in a variety of genres, ranging from worship to hip-hop and from romance to dance.

I can't say how I'm set apart; I believe my lyrics can, though.

I have grown up in Oklahoma. I have been to Kenya on mission trips 3 times. I have lived/studied in Tuscany, Italy. I have been over a lot of Europe. I bring all those experiences, and cultural expressions and climaxes, back with me and put them in my lyrics.

I am a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. God is my #1. I give Him everything because He has given me everything through His Son's sacrifice. That is, in the end, what I want you to remember about me.