Bowl and Bunns

Bowl and Bunns


Two BAAAD MOTHER##@@**!'s Musicianship is paramount and the music is intriguing, soulful, charged and passionate.


BOWL & BUNNS are made up of King 'Bowl' Reeves and Charlie 'Bunns' Wilson. Both musicians were born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and together have over 75 years in the music industry.

On Vibes....
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, King L. Reeves, Jr. - affectionately known as "Fruitbowl" - has built up a career, and a national reputation, as a top-tier vibraphonist. And, it wouldn't be unfair to say it's in his blood!

"My father was a guitarist and banjo player during the Cotton Club days. The sound of music always filled the house. I was around ten years old when I heard Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson play. I knew I wanted to play the Vibraphone. I couldn't afford a set of vibes, so I played the drums during my school years."

"I met and befriended a recording artist by the name of John Godfrey, a vibe and piano player. I studied theory and harmony at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and I managed to purchase a used set of vibes during this time. I began jamming and gigging around town at the local bars."

During the 1970's Cincinnati was a great and active "Jazz" city and Reeves opened a coffeehouse with three other musicians. "Our coffee house stayed open until 2:30AM. Some of the greats of Jazz would stop by after their gigs ended and jammed with us."

During this time Reeves played with Miles Davis, Milt Jackson, Sonny Stitt, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and Eddie Harris - to name just a few. Reeves has worked with nearly every Cincinnati jazz musician as well as recording with bands such as Bootsy Collins and Roundtrip Ticket. Mr. Reeves was a guest artist with the 17"th Annual John Coltrane Memorial Concert in Boston. He has booked a number of engagements with national performers, including the Duke Ellington Big Band, The O'Jays and The Ohio Players and Roger. Bowl has also performed a tribute to Miles Davis and the late Milt Jackson.

Reeves is now working in a duo format, Bowl and Bunns, performing with Charlie "Bunns" Wilson. They have released two CD's, Comfort Zones and Passions - Live at the Greenwich.

Reeves Offered, "If you have been in music as long as I have it's hard to list all of your musical experiences... I'd rather let the music speak for itself...."

On Piano....
Charlie "Bunns" Wilson comes from a very musical family. His mother played piano professionally throughout the Greater Cincinnati area in the 1940's and 1950's, and his brother was a member of the great Ray Charles Band. One could say the boy’s got music in his soul.

Bunns has touched bases with such musical greats as Art Blakely, Roland Kirk, Ornet Coleman, Sonny Stitt and others. Locally, he also leads his own bands. His collaboration with Bowl is as natural as pie and ice cream - Bowl and Bunns.

We could get into calling all the names that Bunns has worked with, but that's not necessary. All one has to do is just listen to him - the Cat is Bad! Charlie once told a story about one of the most important things he can remember while working on the road with Roland Kirk is what Roland told him about always keeping the music in front of everything and ask that it will be blessed. One listens to Bunns - and you know just that.

Bunns left the music business until a few years ago, when he was united to work with King 'Bowl' Reeves to work on their musical collaboration, Comfort Zones. Since then it has been a fantastic roll with concert gigs and a second CD, Passions - Bowl and Bunns with Friends Live at the Greenwich.


Comfort Zones, 2001
Passions, 2004
Dynamic Duo, 2005
Available to sample and purchase @ CD

Set List

Musical performance typical set list is two 45 minute sets.
Lecture/workshop is 30-45 minutes.