Bowling Night and the Pins

Bowling Night and the Pins

 DeKalb, Illinois, USA

Bowling Night and the Pins blend together rock, jazz, and bluesy funk imbued with skillful improvisations. As experienced performers of jazz, blues, funk, latin and rock, the members of Bowling Night supply a tight knit groove full of unexpected twists and turns that leave the crowd wanting more.


Bowling Night and the Pins is a band that regards their songs as a way to communicate with each other - to have a musical conversation. Influences including but NOT limited to James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, The Meters, MMW, John Scofield, Frank Zappa, Phish, Miles Davis (and all of the jazz greats, too many to mention!!), Umphreys McGee, give Bowling Night a killer sound that people of all ages and walks of life can get down to.


Besides for our recently recorded demo currently on our portfolio no recordings are available.

Set List

Bowling Night sets consist of fully composed originals with lyrics to match of varying genres. Covers include popular soul and R&B tunes as well as classic rock and jazz standards.