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"The Finest Indie Release of the Year"

BOWMAN - Living To Dream (self-released; The finest indie release of the year. Bill Bowman's sophomore effort includes some sharp and infectious power pop - ala Adam Schmitt, Owsley and Paxton. Check out "Upside Down" and you will become a believer!

- Eric Sorensen -

"Review: Bowman's "Living to Dream""

Bowman's second self-released album, Living To Dream, is a sensitive and melodic paean to the daily throes of complex emotions we often find ourselves caught within. With great style, the singer/songwriter has elevated his game with these fourteen new tracks, some of which were produced or recorded by former Letters To Cleo bassist Scott Reibling, now a highly respected producer in his own right (American Hi-Fi, Nina Gordon).

The sound is clean and controlled, yet hard-edged enough to convey a sense of live performance. Don't let the boyish good looks of Bill Bowman fool you; he's far more than a pretty face. This is a man who writes compelling songs that unravel patiently, building in structure and intensity all along.

In a smart move, Bowman enlisted a lot of local musical talent to accompany him. Among those whose talents are on display here are former Wheat bassist Bob Melanson, drummer Gabe Cabral (Johnny A.), bassist Ed Valauskas (The Gentlemen), guitarists Paul Amenta (Wrench) and Charlie O'Neal (Must), and keyboardists Tom Smith (Elcodrive) and Dave Ramsey (Swinging Steaks). These musicians come together as a tight unit, a cohesive whole in the service of Bowman's music.

...While the man can rock, his storytelling seems firmly rooted in a more folk/balladic tradition. There also are hints of musical kinship to the likes of Owsley, Del Amitri, and even some Tom Petty at times.
He's very much in control here, overseeing a quality product from track to track, with no filler. What's more, his beautifully expressive voice elevates the songs above the fray of merely good pop/rock.

...Talent like Bowman's deserves to be heard. With Living to Dream, Bowman successfully reverses the musical curse of the sophomore jinx, and does so with melodic talent and mature aplomb. This is a confident, accomplished album, and one that should bring the man well-deserved acclaim (no need to wait 86 years for that, please).

— 6 January 2005

- Pop Matters

"Review: Bowman"

Bowman - "Living to Dream"

AWESOME! This is going to light Not Lamers up, rest assured. Why? Bowman is ambitious, high-reaching power pop artist shooting to go right to the front of the line and make records that can sell oodles beyond the niche-orientation of the genre----imagine Myracle Brah being obsessed with making a chart-topping album, or another Splitsville record in your collection. Other things they remind us of is Owsley`s debut(a lot) as as well as Mathew Sweet`s "Girlfriend" and a host of others we`ll use as sign post: some early Tom Petty, classic Del Amitri, Toy Matinee, The Odds. Bowman introduces an indelible collection of fourteen original compositions that perfectly showcase his impressive songwriting skills, fluid musicianship and incomparably compelling voice. - Not Lame Records

"Hot Sound: Bowman is Back"

By turns a warm romantic and an aggressive rocker, Bowman has been pleasing local ears since his early days jamming at Berklee and paying dues in T stations. His first album was a favorite at the Boston Music Awards, and now the local rocker is back with more solid licks and sweet hooks. Kicking out lean, no-frills rock at an intimate release party this Friday, February 25 at Lizard Lounge, Bowman brings out some new cuts from his sophomore album, Living to Dream... - Stuff @ Night - Boston

"Local Upstart: Bowman"

The first and perhaps best track on Dream is a bracing, 2:29 headrush called "Save Me" that bolts out of the box with a clenched-jaw jolt of distorted electric guitar that would fit nicely alongside anything by, say, Loveless or the Gentlemen and quickly hits dynamic rhythmic stride...The abundance of savvy pop-rock songs — "Enemy," "Get Some," "Upside Down" — seems to target modern-rock radio. - The Boston Phoenix

"Male Vocalist of the Year, Nominee"

2002 Bowman nominated for Male Vocalist of the year (Indie Label) by the Boston Music Awards. - NEMO

"Top Twenty Songs of 2002"

January 2003 – by Gail Worley

13. "Ordinary Life," Bill Bowman -- Because it's beautiful.
- Star Polish

"Continental Drift - Billboard"

– by Larry Flick

Two years ago, we had the pleasure of being introduced to the music of Boston-based rocker Bill Bowman. He caught our attention with a blend of straight-up rock that fondly recalled John Mellencamp and Tom Petty at their creative peaks. After working hard on the East Coast club circuit and carefully crafting new material, Bowman returns with a demo of new material, Emergency – an effort that pays off on the promise he’s previously shown.

This time, the artist does more than conjure comparisons. Bowman proves that he’s ready to be taken seriously on his own terms. Songs like the single-worthy “Ordinary Life,” with its intelligent lyrics and intricate arrangements, show that he’s aiming to do more than deliver quickie barroom rockers. So far, he’s succeeding.

Clearly, we’re not alone in our assessment of Bowman. He was recently nominated for indie male vocalist of the year by the Boston Music Awards. He’s also making strides in bookings, playing larger venues and exploring regions beyond the East Coast. Keep an eye on this artist. He’s moving toward a major national breakthrough.

For additional details, visit his Web site,
- Billboard

"Best New Artist - Billboard"

by Larry Flick

Best new artist: Billy Bowman, thanks to his fine first collection, "Believe." This Boston-based rocker has been making waves locally this year with a sound that seems to proudly pay tribute to the no-frills sound of early Tom Petty and John Mellencamp. Bowman has an instantly engaging voice that is, by turns, warmly romantic and aggressively raspy. Throughout the set, he flexes clever, relationship-driven lyrics in arrangements that are appropriately spare.
- Billboard

"Aware Records"

by Priscilla N. Band

Music connoisseurs with a true taste for quality will find Bowman’s debut album Believe a surefire winner. Melding together various styles, this gifted Boston-based musician will delight your ear as you find yourself humming his catchy rock melodies all day long. Whatever you love in music you will definitely find on Believe.

The guitarist will find more than meets the eye in Bowman’s tightly crafted and beautifully delivered sounds. He delicately manipulates the wah on the driving tune *Heart* juxtaposed against clean electric sounds on “I Remember”. The gritty distortion on “Tear My Heart Right Out” and “Do What I Want” is reminiscent of the all-American sound of Collective Soul. Crying guitar licks are strewn throughout the album peeking between the Hammond and Rhodes.

Vocally, Believe is a masterpiece. Bowman’s control is outstanding as he vividly portrays a rainbow of emotions through the use of his voice. Beneath his John Rzeznik-esque (Goo Goo Dolls) voice are planted beautiful lyrics that speak volumes about Bowman’s passion for life. He often models his writing after U2’s Bono and states that *all the songs on Believe come from tough spots in my life and those who are, and those who were close to me...Let's just say challenges in love, relationships and how adults choose to treat children can all be bit crippling at times.

His love for U2 is also evident in his magnificent songwriting. Classic progressions are blended together with creative chord changes that tickle ears so inured to lackluster pop music. Songwriting is clearly Bowman’s forte and he shines throughout the album, each song with a different twist and never sounding monotonous.

Bowman states that he is first a songwriter, then a singer and then a guitar player. Such modesty does not do justice to one of Boston’s greatest new musicians. Enthusiastic and down to earth Bowman is sure to attract fans without selling out to commercial hullabaloo. Pick up your copy of this album today and good luck peeling yourself away from the stereo!
- Aware Records


Believe - 2001
Living to Dream - September 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


"The finest indie release of the year." (

Bowman exploded onto the Boston music scene in 2001 with the self-released debut album, “Believe.” Critical acclaim was fast to follow: Billboard magazine named Bowman “Best New Artist” and the Boston Music Awards nominated Bowman for Best Male Vocalist. The overnight success of “Believe” sparked interest across the country from fans, critics and industry insiders alike.

Now, with the release of his highly-anticipated second album, “Living to Dream,” Bowman is poised for a major national breakthrough. Produced by Scott Riebling (Letters to Cleo, American Hi-Fi) and Bowman, “Living to Dream” has been lauded as “the finest indie release of the year” (, “a brilliant collection of stories and emotions” (XM Radio), and “a confident, accomplished album” (Pop Matters).

Bowman is a Berklee College of Music dropout who cut his teeth playing on the city’s subway platforms. There, Bowman learned to connect with any audience – with honest lyrics, gorgeous melodies, and a healthy dose of fun. It was also there that Bowman was discovered by The Boston Globe’s Lynda Morgenroth, who called Bowman’s sound “progressive rock with a soulful stab of ricochet poetry.”

Bowman’s live performances are instantly engaging. Audiences are charmed by the outstanding vocals, exceptional songwriting, and Bowman’s ability to appeal to the emotions deep inside everyone. Bowman has played with some of Boston’s finest musicians, both in the studio and onstage, including drummer Gabe Cabral (Johnny A), bassists Ed Valauskas (The Gentlemen) and Bob Melanson (Wheat), guitarists Paul Amenta (Wrench) and Charlie O’Neal (Must), and keyboardists Tom Smith (Elcodrive) and Dave Ramsey (Swinging Steaks).