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Let me tell you about BOX: They can’t keep it clean but they’ll still give you a thrill.

2007 just got started and BOX is already on tour to support their new full-length CD "Just a Phase," released on their own Boy Dog Records. A major highlight this January is being selected to play LadyFest South at The Earl in Atlanta with some of the biggest up-and-comers like 8 Inch Betsy and Sonia Tetlow of Cowboy Mouth. They'll be hitting the breadbasket this Spring on a mid-west tour ending at the 7th Annual ChicksRock Fest in Cincinnati.

American Songwriter Magazine recently awarded BOX fourth place for their song "The Blue Route," and they capped off the summer of 2006 by headlining the Chesapeake Pride Festival and rocking clubs relentlessly in the mid-Atlantic.

Who's packing the BOX?

BOX was born in 2004 when Tammy Hooper, former drummer and songwriter for DC’s punk band The Sirens, hooked up with singer, guitarist and songwriter, Michelle Burleson. Michelle played as a solo act and in a variety of bands in Athens, Georgia, and DC. They thought it would be a fun change of pace to have a boy in their BOX so they convinced New York’s own Ed Morrissey, formerly of Ruben Kincaid and SAS, to lay down the low funk on the bass.

Catch BOX live and they’ll pitch a crowd pleasing, fist pumping sideshow circus of songs to blow your brain, tickle your tatas, and smack that ass. They charge extra for anything else.

LIVE! columnist, Marianne Meyer of The Washington Post, said about BOX, “Sure there are many female artists on the charts these days, but how many can strap on a guitar that isn't a mere stage prop? How many can really cut loose on wailing leads and pounding drums and do some serious damage to the loose paint on the walls?”

Rocking with BOX is the best time you'll have without a condom. Listen to live cuts at


Stack of Fiction

Written By: Michelle Burleson

Can you tell
I've seen the shrink once or twice?
Mostly with you
Just trying to get it right

We paid her
to be the referee
In the toxic tale
of you vs. me

You get the gold
You take the lot
I slide into second
As the afterthought

Sticking around
like lint on your sleeve
On a stack of your fiction
I swore to believe

It was like coming up for air
The day I walked away
I just didn't care
I had nothing to say
I don't give a shit
About who's right and who's wrong
I'm finally free
I'm so glad you're gone

Grown women who live
Like daddy's little girl
Tend to talk a good game
They don't get much done in this world

Once upon a time
I used to adore you
Then your true light shined
I lost all respect for you

Because your shit does stink
You're surrounded by swine
The best surgeon in the world
Couldn't give you a spine

The incredible appetite
of your insecurity
Almost outweighs your
ego's grandiosity

Hanging on
to fading glory
an aging book cover
you're the same old story

Holier than Thou

Written By: Michelle Burleson

You think you're Moses off the mountain
You think you've filled every pair of shoes
So you can tell anyone how they should walk
But your check bounced
when you paid your dues

You're smug in all your smirking
You're so impressive in your omniscience
It's eye to eye or say goodbye
It's your way or good riddance

Holier than thou
Oh to sit at your altar
Because you have no insecurities
You have never faltered

Just because you read the headline
You think you know the story
You can point out every step I missed
That took me off the road to glory

You can't understand anything that's outside your backyard
You think nothing can come near you because you're too cool and too hard

Patronize and fingerpoint
And let us know how you'd proceed
Because I'm marking every move you make
To do the opposite indeed, motherfucker

Lezzies for the Lord

Written By: Michelle Burleson

When Jerry Falwell won't forgive you
And Reverend Phelps won't be your friend
When "H" is for hell and homo
And you can no longer pretend

When the Catholics seem too creepy
And the Baptists make you bored
You can come denounce the devil
Here at Lezzies for the Lord

We're sisters for the main mister
There is no bible thumping
You can come just like God made you
No matter which gender you're humping

Remember it was Jesus
Who stood with sinners and the whores
Just like Jesus we won't judge you
Here at Lezzies for the Lord

We don't bomb abortion clinics
or molest the altar boys
We don't demand all of your money
We just wanna spread the joy

So if the Sunday morning sermon
is something your wallet can't afford
Just got jolly whenever with Jesus
Here at Lezzies for the Lord

All you sinners, freaks and faggots
Who feel spiritually alone
We hereby free you from the clutches
Of satan's hellfire and brimstone
We see the heart and not the vessel
We don't care if you're rich or poor
Join the muffdivers ministry
Here at Lezzies for the Lord!

Pure in the Poison

Written By: Michelle Burleson

It's like looking for the street names
That hide behind the blossom branches
You've got a hunch this is the right road
Give a signal, take your chances

I see her straddling the fences
She's confused here at the crossroads
I wish that I had more arms
To help her carry this load

Put some pure back in the poison
Rub the tarnish off the jaded
It used to get you going
All that fire now has faded

I can't convince you to come with me
I can't say we'll be secure
All I know is that we're facing
Regret's dead end for sure

The longer I live in limbo
The more I've got to lose
I look around, I'm all tied down
This ain't what I would choose

Forty miles of bad road behind us
Tonight I take the wheel
I know you think your tank is empty
We'll fuel up on what I feel

Dimes and nickels don't mean nothing
They save and spend just like sorrow
So let's make the choice today
To do it differently tomorrow


Listen to a live version of BLUE ROUTE American Songwriter Magazine award winner, and other new tracks here:


Set List

We have about a 20 song set list. We don't do covers unless you buy us a beer... and even then, we'll just drink the beer and not do covers.... for the most part. Not only might we whore ourselves, we're also a super high energy live band. Listen to live cuts at