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Still working on that hot first release.



The story that lead to BOX started earlier than the actual group itself, when the portuguese singer/song- writer Bruno Rocha decided to create a more alterna- tive sounding rock project in parallel to Self Shot Soul, his solo album released in Portugal in 2009.

A few years ago he had been taken by some bel- gian friends to a concert at Ancienne Belgique to discover a band called Triggerfinger, and as in the past he had worked with studio musicians, right there he thought of asking Mario Goossens to record the drums on that new project he had. He contacted him through myspace, but because of busy agendas they couldn’t meet right away.
In the meantime, Bruno digs into the belgian music scene and amongst others buys the first album
of The Black Box Revelation – to his surprise he discovers Mario’s also a producer and he likes the sound of the album a lot, so - “why not kill 2 birds with one stone?” - he asks Mario to also produce an EP with his alternative songs. They meet up, Mario has a listen to the songs and he is up for it, so they start working together in the pre-production. With the collaboration of Mr. Paul on the bass, they record a few songs. This happened in the mythical Konk Studios, in London, where amongst others the Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, The Stone Roses, The Kinks, Massive Attack, The Kooks and The Black Box Revelation (that’s when Mario got to know the studios) have recorded.
While working on the EP, Bruno was looking for musicians to form a band for this new project. His original idea was to find free-lance musicians to play what was recorded, and he had an idea for the name of the band “Box and one” – a defense strategy in basketball, sport that despite his “not so impressive height” he played passionately in his youth. That’s when he meets the Belgian drum- mer Bruno Goedhuys and they began rehearsing together. They hit it off quite well and Goedhuys suggests forming a proper band instead of the free-lancing idea, so together they start looking for a bass player. Gilles Verougstraete joins the band and together they decide to shorten the name to BOX (written in capitals, like a boss!).
They started working on new songs, but something was missing to achieve the arrangements that were already recorded and also the ones coming out with the new ideas, so they went looking for a second guitar player. Pascal Smets joined and the current formation of BOX was reached.

Meanwhile, Triggerfinger released a new album and went to promote it at De Laatste Show. Bruno Rocha was there in the audience, and in what turned out to be almost a sign, Bart Becks – the boss of SonicAngel – was there with Tom Dice, who had just been launched by the label. Bart explained the concept of SonicAngel, the quest for new tal- ent, the crowdfunding concept... it all sounded great! Bruno had no idea yet that a few months later, through a booking agent, BOX EP lands at SonicAngel headquarters and gets their attention. Maurice Engelen, the other boss of SonicAngel, liked what he heard, but pushed for a full album, in- stead of the EP. So BOX got into the studio again, and recorded a few more songs, still with Mario as producer. For this second batch of songs, BOX and Mario went for MotorMusic Studios in Mechelen, in-land but with a list of credits equally impres- sive – bands like Absynthe Minded, Das Pop, Deus, Milow, School is Cool, Triggerfinger and countless others have recorded there... looking at the wall of fame pictures of the studio is per se an impressive trip through Belgium’s music scene!
The studios were not the same, but to keep some continuity Mario brought Ben Mason from the UK, the engineer that had worked at the Konk Studios for the first batch of songs, to mix the new ones. For the mastering Mario decided to use Fred Kevorkian, with whom he had worked in previous projects like The Black Box Revelation and Trig- gerfinger themselves, and whose list of credits includes other big names like The White Stripes, Dave Matthews Band, Iggy Pop, Ryan Adams to name just a few.
Being in so experienced hands, BOX can’t wait to share their first album with the public. They’ve al- ready been sharing their music, in quite a few con- certs for their yet short existence, and they took that experience and stage energy to the studio, as Mario suggested that the instrumental parts of the songs were recorded as a live take, with minimal overdubs, to transpose that strong live element of BOX songs to the album as well.
BOX is pure rock, strong, to the point when it needs, subtle when it feels like.