Boxcar Preachers

Boxcar Preachers


A little bluegrass, old hot country blues, wicked harmonies and a jug (for blowin') are workin' around a single mic like a well choreographed pig scramble and then rolled into the likes of a master-crafted and very entertaining Boxcar Preachers show!


Six years in the makin' and still havin' fun! We're a group of close friends from Austin, TX who play mostly origional music in an old-timey vein. Our music is a blend of bluegrass, old country blues, hokum jazz, jug band and old timey gospel fueled origionals along with a few of our favorite cover tunes from greats like Peter Rowan, The Louvin Bros. and Johnny Cash.

With varying set lists designed for the family crowd at the restaurant gig or the adult crowd at one of our favorite pubs, we're able to put on shows that the crowds really enjoy. So, whether it's headlining the Guinness Intl. Bluegrass Festival in Ireland, playing The Borderline in London, jamming on BBC Radio or playing our local pubs and restaurants in Austin, the Boxcar Preachers are here to provide a spirited musical experience one pint at a time!


Spindletop Strike released on Genuine Recordings in 2002

Auto-Body Experience released on Genuine Recordings in 2006

Many radio and television performances from Austin to the UK to include KUT, KOOP, BBC2, FOX TV in Austin and TV3 in Ireland. Headlined the Guinness Intl. Bluegrass Festival in Ireland 2006 and will play it again in Aug 2007. Receive regular air-time on BBC2 Radio in the UK on the Mark Lammar and Bob Harris shows and local radio programs on KUT and KOOP.

Set List

With 50+ songs in our repetoir, we have multiple set lists designed for the family event, rowdy bar scene or festival gig. Below is one of our typical set lists for a two hour show.

Ain’t Got Money
Peg and Awl
Mississippi River Blues
Hole In The Ground
Model T
Hard Hearted Heart Breaker
Can’t Get THAT Stuff No More
Can’t Keep From Cryin’
Murky Water
Don’t Kneel At My Gravesite and Cry
Penny’s Farm
Venus In Furs
Ruby Ridge
Vasectomy Song
You’re Gonna Stay or I’m Gonna Leave

Ain’t No Grave
Folsom Prison Blues
Highway of Sorrow
Atomic Power
Badly Bent
God Moves on the Water
Jessie’s Bones
Thirsting for the Fire
Highway of Sorrow
Fire in the Barn
Get Down on Your Knees
All Amigo’s Club
Move That Mountain
Dope Feind
Camping Beer
Boxcar Rag