Box Full of Cash

Box Full of Cash


Box Full of Cash is a boxabilly band.

Box•a•bil•ly: [-noun] A swaggering and swinging style of popular music combining the features of rock-n-roll, hillbilly music and a cardboard box.


“Unprecedented” is a term thrown around all too often in music. But Toronto-based Box Full of Cash genuinely earns that label with its inclusion of a cardboard box in place of a standard drum kit.

Box Full of Cash hit the local music scene two years ago. They have been exciting audiences and - in some cases - inciting audiences ever since. Under the influence of bandleader Chris Lord, the band maximizes tour vehicle space as well as audience frenzy by swapping in a cardboard box in place of a standard drum kit. This works well for percussionist Pete Snell - as long as he can stave off ladies from climbing into it until set break. Rounding out this inventive trio is Peter Currie on stand up bass.

Box Full of Cash blends musical styles fluidly and organically. Heavily influenced by the music of Johnny Cash (Box Full of Cash does not actually refer to monies, but it does get your attention), they often pay homage to the late great country music hero by playing a few of his tunes at live shows. The rest of the time, the boys are playing rootsy original tunes by Chris Lord. As a virtuosic guitar player and singer/songwriter, Chris is a triple threat. His songwriting combine blues, country, rock, even folk influences, with contemporary flare, while his performance preserves the jazz tradition of improvisation. Sometimes get-up-and-dance swing, sometimes rhythmic groove – Box Full of Cash is always entertaining and never the same experience twice.


Electric Whiskey, 2007
Money Talks, 2009

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