BoxFull of Groundhogs

BoxFull of Groundhogs


BoxFull of Groundhogs' music emphasizes a group sound. Their synchronicity and cooperation shows in recordings and in their live sets. BoxFull's sound is dominated by rich 3-part vocal harmonies, subtly interweaving guitars, and dynamic rhythms. Their songs are carefully arranged and catchy.


BoxFull of Groundhogs is an alternative indie rock band based out of Toronto and Ottawa. The band describes themselves as a collective in the way that they share the torch and work together to write their music. In the fall of 2010, Alex Rochon-Terry, Avery Zingel and Micah Rakoff Bellman came together as an acoustic trio on Carleton University's fine arts and music floor in residence. All sharing a love of good, honest music, they began writing songs boasting three part harmonies, intelligent lyrics and great guitar work. A year later, BoxFull gained drummer Matthew Couto and the band made the transition from acoustic to electric. Since then, BoxFull of Groundhogs has continued to write music and has been working to achieve a synchronicity that elevates the band's live performances and showcases the talents of all it's members. They strive to complement each others' sound and their chemistry is evident in their group presence. BoxFull of Groundhogs create a fun and exciting atmosphere at their shows while still preserving the intimacy of their acoustic origins. The band recently released their debut EP 'FORMYOURLOVE' which is available for download on their bandcamp page.


Live on CKCU FM