Box of Rain

Box of Rain

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Rock with thoughtful lyrics and pop sensability


“It's just a box of rain” … These words have been forever immortalized by the timeless band The Grateful Dead. While Box of Rain has a super melodic two thirds rock (Think Matchbox 20, U2, Black Crows) and one third Pop (Think Jason Mraz, Dave Mathews, John Mayer) sound, Box of Rain share the same passion for innovative, catchy and engaging music as the legendary Grateful Dead.
Box of Rain started with Ben (a student who had recently moved from Alabama) and Chris meeting by chance, and recorded a song together. The meeting of the rest of the band, James from Wollongong, (Chris’ twin brother) and Ryan (also from Wollongong) ensued, and the Chemistry was instant. While all members of the band are close friends and bring this to the stage, the band is dedicated to the perfection of their music, and strives for an awesome live show. Nothing has changed since the original meeting with Ben and Chris, as Box of Rain are always writing and recording new music with the same passion and enthusiasm as day one!


Get by

Written By: Ben McGififn

Tell me all of your lies, its just what I need to get by
To fell you by my side once again

When we get back home, she'll get by and I get by and well be safe and warm, in this dirty old apartment down in the city.

So make me feel just fin, its not what I need but its on my mind and later we can argue just to make up for lost time. There is no imagination its your dirty occupation that makes me feel so small. And its alright to cry at night cause I want more and she wants more

In the city you'll be fine
In the city you'll be mine