Boy Blue

Boy Blue

 Wisconsin, USA

Although the band knows how to craft a solid hook, they never use it as a crutch, progressing through the song with extended bridges and variations on repeated phrases. While the music is danceable with good pop sensibility, it also has a feeling of being genuine and uncontrived. With influences, such as Foals and Passion Pit, bands like Boy Blue have found ways to perform music leaning toward the pop end of the spectrum in a more progressive and interesting way. In recent months, listeners of 8


Carving out a middle ground between Death Cab for Cuties wistful pop and Passion Pits revved-up synths, Milwaukees Boy Blue flirts with indie-rock and dance music alike without fully limiting themselves to the conventions of either. The follow-up to last years I Liked You Better When EP, which nabbed them a 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Music Award for catchiest song of the year (Robot Tube Socks), the groups just-released Words On Trial EP is even brighter and buzzier, all twitchy tempos, skyscraping synths and eager, sing-along hooks


Set List

Touch My Body
Falling For You
Modern Mythology
Robot Tube Socks
Going Out Tonight
Wasted Time