Boy From Sunday

Boy From Sunday


Emerging from the vibrant Melbourne music scene in 2007, Boy From Sunday play their own blend of big guitars, interesting backdrops and engaging melodies - essentially they write rock tunes with a hook. Boy From Sunday create a sense of intrigue whilst still retaining a rock sensibility.


Originating from a chance meeting between Brad and Nick at a gig in 2004, they (both working musicians with a love of a diverse range of music) decided to write some originals together and see what happens. Likeminded yet totally different in ideas they seemed to work well together and after many an hour piecing ideas together and reworking tunes they decided to work on a full original live gigging/recording project.

With influences that include Soundgarden, The Police, INXS, U2 and the Beatles, Boy From Sunday bring a fresh and exciting sound that never strays too far from the point - good songs that stick in your head.

Recently finishing some tracks at the awesome Woodstock Studios (with Robin Mai, Cam Trewin and Troy Trigwell) watch out for Boy From Sunday pushing their sound all around Australia in late 07/early 2008 with their EP in hand!


Until it Mends

Written By: Brad Pascoe

We are up, we are down
We are no one's friend but ours
We are vein, oh so cool
We are making up our own rules

Here and now is what we know
and it's easier than ever
to play a hand, win or lose
then start again wherever

She won't cry 'til she gets home
she won't break down 'til she's all alone
And though he still calls her a friend
it hurts until it mends

Did you think that I would fall
Would you even care at all
To be trapped inside a song
for everyone to sing along

And so your message comes like this
in your own special way
Make yourself the victim now
'cos it's easier that way

All In the Way You Get

Written By: Brad Pascoe

Walking in one by one just to get to you
Like a poetic afterthought that leaves you battered and bruised

We can take our share of things that we don't need
We can learn from the deepest cuts or stand here and bleed

I wish I knew what you're thinking now

It's all in the way you get when you feel alone
It's only a way to get you through
Nobody wants to get older and die alone
Looking for someone to help you through
But it's creeping up on you

Could you give me a glimpse of what you're really about
Try and piece it together but I can't figure you out

If I could only see what you see now


So what are you thinking now
Are you scared you might pull through

Ask anything you like and I'll tell you the truth
I cut my teeth on pride
I blame it all on my youth



Boy From Sunday EP - 2007

1. All In the Way You Get
2. Everyone
3. Until it Mends

Set List

Everything I Can't Change
All In the Way You Get
Until it Mends
Better Than This
Another Day Older
Before I Hit the Ground

Duration: Approx 35min