Boy Girl Party

Boy Girl Party


a fun & quirky indie pop band that loves a good melody and a cold beer.


Boy Girl Party has a little chip on their shoulder, but a few minutes on the dance floor shakes it off. Sincerely nerdy and unabashedly silly, they are on a constant hunt for new band friends and dance partners with a decent sense of time and a better sense of humor. If the band itself wore glasses, it would have to use one of those things that goes around your head to keep them from falling off your face.

Their debut 5-song EP, Dear Dear, shows off sweet 3-part harmonies over pop melodies that punch & crackle out of gritty-but-clean power chords. Quirky & salty lyrics by lead singer Melissa Lusk pepper radio-ready hooks, with clean & clear vocals that are almost always under control. The band's cumulative love of piano-based pop, post-punk, contemporary praise music and the American songbook burrows down into the fertile Brooklyn indie rock scene and emerges with 18 1/2 minutes of catchy indie pop with traces self-conscious candor about the mouth.


EP - Dear Dear (2012)