Boy In The Bubble

Boy In The Bubble

 San Francisco, California, USA

This is rough-around-the-edges, hooky rock based on great songs that tell stories you'll care about. Think David Bowie at 3am after a hard night. Recent plays on KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” signal that this band is one to watch.


Boy in the Bubble began as a project of singer, guitarist and songwriter Josh Seidenfeld, who got the nickname from his boss after calling in sick one too many times (often to recover from late shows). The band brings a rough-around-the-edges rock style to literary songwriting, and the only thing consistently said about the band is that it sounds like nothing else. Fans of The White Stripes, the Flaming Lips, Rufus Wainwright, T Rex, and the Decemberists are all equally at home here.

With an unforgettable live act, BITB has blossomed into one of the San Francisco area’s most promising bands, recently opening for Ben Harper at a sold-out Independent and frequenting classic Bay Area clubs such as the Bottom of the Hill, the Make Out Room, and the Hotel Utah.

The band also tours the West Coast and has played two successive years at SXSW. Seidenfeld grows the group’s fan base by touring solo around the country to play intimate acoustic shows.

BITB’s 2007 debut, "Songs From the City on the Sun", garnered nationwide critical praise and play on radio shows such as Nic Harcourt’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” on KCRW. The band is currently collaborating with LA buzz band Oliver Future and producer Adam Lazus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo, Juliana Hatfield) on a new release, "The King," in early 2010.


“Boy in the Bubble play an arresting game of musical hopscotch…Alternating between soft and sighing, loud and sloppy, [singer Josh Seidenfeld] knows exactly where he's going—and he's intent on taking us with him. Call Songs From the City on the Sun indie-rock at a burlesque show. Call it David Bowie on the verge of a meltdown. Call it what you like, but don't miss this Sun set.”

– Performing Songwriter

“Kings of the Bay Area, Boy In The Bubble manages to maintain an edgy rock sound in their light folk songs. Lead singer Josh Seidenfeld belts out deep lyrics over a heavy bass drum and rhythmic acoustic guitar. Although "Handy" is the band's single, I've had "Take Me Home" on repeat all day.”


Boy in the Bubble's distillation of glam, vintage pop, and '70s adult-oriented rock delivers much more than one could rightly ask of the group, plus songs that speak loudly for themselves.

– East Bay Express

“This is fearless indie rock that will rough you up, and then get all tender-like to ask forgiveness”

– Flavorpill

“Very fun and infectious rock music with strong glam elements”

– The Bay Bridged

“Boy In The Bubble might be the cure for what ails the Bay Area music scene. ”

– Rosi Reyes, KPFA


Boy in the Bubble’s debut, "Songs From the City on the Sun," floats through musical moods with an uncanny ease. From lush pop (“Handy”) to violent urgency (“17 Irises”) to old-fashioned storytelling (“Uncharted Waters”) to pensive tenderness (“I Can’t Remember”), the songs cover a lot of territory. But somehow the record isn’t scattered. Songwriter and singer Josh Seidenfeld’s voice unifies the collection with a confidence and insistence on melody too often lacking in indie rock.

Seidenfeld’s vocal and songwriting confidence is hard-won. Growing up as a bookish Jewish kid in South Texas has a way of making a body know who he is and what he wants. His life since then has given him something to write about. After fleeing Texas, he collected stories and perspectives in an eyebrow-raising range of lives: building acoustic guitars for Keith Richards, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell; park rangering in the Southwest; sweating through Columbia University; and years of work in the intense (and often heartbreaking) world of progressive politics. But try as he might, he could not escape the call of guitar, pen, paper, and sweaty rock and roll. "Songs From the City on the Sun" is the result.

“The Boy in the Bubble” sums up his approach to songwriting with a shrug: “I love stories, words, and melodies. Those things move armies. So I try to tell stories with this music, and work hard to use melodies and words that bring them to life. But also, who doesn’t love to shake their ass?”




Written By: Josh Seidenfeld

always been
what you might call

that’s what you are
you burn

turn around
without a sound

you’d do anything
to feed your world babe
to make it swing
disco balls
and cocaine smiles
oh babe it’s gonna take a while
when you see me comin you better get the f--k out the way
‘cause my lips they drip a poison enough to kill your faith

i got the basics down
all i need is a chance

so burn
burn me down
i'm lost and i am found

turn around
without a sound

steam trains
and motor planes
they all gonna do
just one thing
hellfire below
and the lord above
teach different lessons about love
when you see me comin you better get the f--k out the way
‘cause my lips they drip a poison enough to kill your faith


Written By: Josh Seidenfeld

first place i got on my own
had a party to warm my new home
friends brought whisky beer and gin
but the best gift walked right in
a brown haired girl coat dusted in snow
she said her name i said oh oh oh
i looked into her eyes with hopeless hope
she handed me a gift: a red and black telescope

oh it was a
telescope helped me to see finally
seen that people weren’t so different from me

next morning lazy in bed
telescope caught my eye black & red
i took a look and i got hooked quick
like Jimmy Stewart playing private dick
through the snow that filled December air
i could see the people loud and clear
would not have watched for so many hours
but across the street they take such long showers

oh it was a telescope

saw down the block kids played m.d.
watched an old lady while she watched me
childrens’ faces with a tv-blue glow
man without a home shuffles through the snow
as the day dimmed i scoped across the back street
seen a sight made my heart skip a beat
creepy neighbor with a telescope pointed at me
then i realized, just like a bad dream
what i seen was my reflection in the window
shook my head and i laid down my telescope

In the Company Town

Written By: Josh Seidenfeld

one thousand days
it took us to walk
from the mouth of the river to the mountain top

one thousand slaves
25 tongues spoken
all our bodies broken

just one man
a king his court and concubines
living high on our hard times

but oh
what a fine time it was
in the company town
it’s a new century for us

yes up in whiteytown the evening gowns get sprayed
with only the finest champagne
try not to think of them boys down in the jungle
tonight we’re feeling no pain

ten thousand days
took one man to turn
a hundred kingdoms to slaves

ten thousand days
before the people in the North would see
things they couldn’t believe

ten million ways
to end a life
it could be slow work or it could be a quick knife

lost count
lost count of the days
of waking up without no right hand
with strange ghosts moving overland

got my paycheck just today
go to town and celebrate
there’s easy women and hard booze
gonna try out some new dance moves

working for the company wears you down
but white is white and brown is brown
so we do our duty bring civilization
send ivory and rubber home to the father nation

boy i’ll tell you living in the tropics can
wear you down it’s not all about suntans
but i’ll be here till the fat lady sing
where else could a guy like me be king?

When We Were High

Written By: Josh Seidenfeld

when, when we were high
we couldn’t help but find
something to do

we would dive
into the woods
chase each other around
laugh till our faces turned blue

oh yes when, when we were high
spectacle and folly, loose limbed and jolly
absolutely nothing to lose

when, when we were high
we seen specters and signs
went wild spinning for the truth

will you tell me that
you’ll always love me?
and when time stops
you’ll still be there?

will you kiss me before
the other ones find us here?
takes my breath away,
brown skin black hair

i could stay with you all day with you
it was warm outside,
we had nothing to do

oh but that was then, when we were high
everything shone
new was old and old was new

grown, grown up by and by
sometimes i wonder
how was it that we grew?

when, when we were high
oh, when we were high

when i kissed you for the first time
i didn’t know it then
but the whole bright world exploded
when i kissed you for the second time
i couldn’t see it then
my eyes they blew open

when, when we were high
we couldn’t help but find
something to do

well they say if you were there then you don’t remember it at all
but i somehow i remember everything
green summers golden falls

and love and love and love and love
it’s never been the same
since we were high and burned
with a sloppy wild flame

when, when we were high

The King

Written By: Josh Seidenfeld

we were six & eight years old
running playing doing what you’re told
he was as monster of a man
the things he done with his grown up hands

mama rented the bedroom to him
she worked all night and she was wearing thin
he asked us were we afraid to sleep alone
of course we were; how could we have known

real monsters don’t hide under beds
real monsters keep it all unsaid

that ain’t a man, no that ain’t a man, no no no

so he done what he never shoulda done
waited till we were all alone
took my breath away as he held you down
i still remember every sound

grownups are sick and grownups are cruel
no one taught us ‘bout this in school
it took me too long but after a sick year
anger boiled over my fear

i dreamed i was king and ordered, “Off with his head!”
my soldiers dragged him screaming from his bed

when i’m king, everything
will be all right
when i’m king, big kids and me
will never fight

that ain’t a man, no that ain’t a man, no no no

i knew no one would save us no one listens to kids
i knew i had to do what i did
silent kitchen in the silent night
i climbed upon a chair for mama’s only knife

crept to the room whose rent paid my school
opened the door i knew what to do
as he breathed in i brought the knife down
i was king with a bloody crown

went to our room and i watched you sleep
i packed some things and crept out to leave


Songs From the City on the Sun (Red Cat Records 2007)

forthcoming: The King (Red Cat Records 2010)

Set List

Boy in the Bubble performs as a band (electric and acoustic) and singer Josh Seidenfeld performs as a solo artist. Here are some of the songs that could be in a set, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes:

Too Damn Crazy
Seven Children
Lay Lady Lay
Stroll the Sun
17 Irises
When You Walk Around This City
This Place Is Like A Drug
The Real World Don't Matter
Every Day
When We Were High
Find a Way
In the Company Town
Can I Ride With You