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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop




"Christmas Album Review 9/10 stars"

That Shitty Music Blog... Shitty - That Shitty Music Blog

"BoyMeetsWorld Release Holiday Album"

PupFresh covers BoyMeetsWorld's Christmas Album - PupFresh

"Where This Road Leads Live"

Watch BoyMeetsWorld's live performance of Where This Road Leads November 8th in Dayton, Ohio - Sensory Addiction Magazine

"Sensory Addiction's Artist Of The Month / Cover Band"

BoyMeetsWorld was chosen as Sensory Addiction Magazine's Artist Of The Month, as well as their December '13 issue Cover Band - Sensory Addiction Magazine

"Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal... Album Review"

‘Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal…’ will be a Christmas album you’ll actually enjoy hearing on repeat. No joke. Add the Hey Monday Christmas EP and the All Time Low and Fall Out Boy tracks, and you’re set for life. Any parents with pop-punk/rock-music loving children needs to consider adding this to their Christmas list (Best. Parent. Ever.).

- Infectious Magazine

"Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal... - Album - Review"

See what Shout It Out Loud Reviews has to say about BoyMeetsWorld's Christmas album, "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal..." - Shout It Out Loud Reviews

"Buzznet streams "Home For The Holidays" video"

Buzznet streamed "Home For The Holidays" music video -

"UM Premiere: BoyMeetsWorld -“Alone For The Holidays”"

UMusicians premiered one of BoyMeetsWorld's acoustic tracks entitled, "Alone For The Holidays" and the story behind the song. Off of BoyMeetsWorld's Christmas Album, "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal..." Out December 3rd for free download. - UMusicians

"My Week At Warped: Here’s What You Missed….At Warped!"

BoyMeetsWorld was mentioned along side of artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Relient K, and Allstar Weekend as part of UMusician's "Artists They Wish They Saw" at 2013 Vans Warped Tour. BoyMeetsWorld only won a slot at the Cincinnati Warped Tour, hoping to be apart of the whole tour 2015. - UMusicians

"Unsigned Ohio Streams "Where The Hell Is Douglas?" Music Video"

Unsigned Ohio streams "Where The Hell Is Dougals?" after it's premier via - Unsigned Ohio

"ABSOLUTEexclusive: "Where The Hell Is Douglas?"Music Video"

Absolute Punk premiered BoyMeetsWorld's latest music video for their fan favorite "Where The Hell Is Douglas?" -

"Exclusive: Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal Christmas Album Details"

Alt Sounds gives you exclusive details about BoyMeetsWorld's 2013 Christmas album entitled, "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal", which is set to release digitally for free on December 3rd. - ALT Sounds

"Where This Road Leads release" covers premier of Where This Road Leads via Under The Gun Review - UMusicians

"CollegeFest Lineup (Boston, MA)"

BoyMeetsWorld is featured on Boston College Fest's webpage, and secured a slot co-headlining this event, right next to The White Panda(EDM). We The Kings headlined this event '11, so there are some big shoes to fill here. - CollegeFest

"Exclusive Premier: Where This Road Leads"

Under The Gun Review Exclusive lyric video premier BoyMeetsWorld's single 'Where This Road Leads' -

"Brotherly Love and Hard Work"

Kendra sat down with BoyMeetsWorld for a very informative interview with the band, what they've been up to, and details of summer activities such as playing Warped Tour and shooting their debut music video. - Golden Mixtape - Kendra Beltran

"Fearless Radio Live Podcast"

Fearless Radio live interview on September 9, 2013 - Fearless Radio - Cherie

"MidPoint Music Festival Write-Up Magazine"

Starting just last year in 2012, BoyMeetsWorld quickly became a local favorite with the potential to explode on a national level...delivers a massive, hook-riddled Pop-Punk sound that is powerfully anthemic and catchier than the bird flu." - CityBeat - Wehaa

"'Do What's Best For You' EP Review"

EP Review done by Hit It Off Media - Hit It Off Media

"Sound, Phrase & Fury Magazine Spread (pg. 7-10)"

Magazine Spread/interview w/ BoyMeetsWorld, pages 7-10 - Sound, Phrase & Fury

"BoyMeetsWorld featured article on Fox19 news live Televison"

BoyMeetsWorld featured story on Fox 19 news April 6th, 2013. Meet and Interview/performance of band on air live television - Fox19 news

"Official Japanese Website"

BoyMeetsWorld's official Japanese site launched - Topmusic

"Q and A with BoyMeetsWorld"

BoyMeetsWorld sat down with Barebones Entertainment for a Question and Answer session - Barebones entertainment

"WDTN News television segment - 'Become Someone' single premier"

BoyMeetsWorld visited Dayton, Ohio's Living Dayton news studio to premier their newest single entitled 'Become Someone'
- WDTN News - Living Dayton

"KC Media Tri-State's Top 10 Vol. 1"

Track 7. BoyMeetsWorld 'Become Someone' - KC Media

"BoyMeetsWorld Set To Release New Single(Become Someone) This Friday"

Neck Deep Media covers details about BoyMeetsWorld's newest single, 'Become Someone'. - Garret, Neck Deep Media

"EP Review: Plug-In Magazine"

EP review by - Mary, Plug In Magazine

"Pop-Punk Please - Artist Spotlight"

Artist Spotlight Featuring 'Rest Of Our Days' -

"Shout It Loud Reviews - Right Where We Belong Official music video"

Shout It Loud posts Official Music Video for Right Where We Belong -

"Bryan Stars Posts 'Right Where We Belong' music video on youtube page"

Bryanstars - BryanStars Interviews

"Unsigned Corner: BoyMeetsWorld" -

"'Introducing' BoyMeetsWorld" - Banter Banter magazine

"Mention by fans in Vans Warped Tour '13 Official pit report Video"

at 1:41 in the video, BoyMeetsWorld was mentioned by a fan while interviewed what bands she was really excited to see - watch video here - Vans Warped Tour

"Artist To Watch - Underdog Press"

Their EP 'Do What’s Best For You' definitely should not be overlooked by anyone. Good luck trying to listen to only one song from this addicting pop-punk band. You’ll definitely be hearing more from them soon. -

"Behind The Scenes of the filming of "Right Where We Belong" official music video"

Behind the scenes article of the filming of BoyMeetsWorld's official "Right Where We Belong" music video - Mary - Plug In Magazine

"'Pop Punk bands 2 check 4' - Stuff You Will Hate"

User Comments:

"BoyMeetsWorld was also amazing!! best editing ever with the lulzy rewinds, and the edits at the breakdown where A+++++ will watch again!!"

"BoyMeetsWorld: these guys aren’t old enough to know that show. It doesn’t matter. This is pop punk perfection."

- Stuff You Will Hate

"Warped Tour Hits Cincinnati"

BoyMeetsWorld gets a mention on Warped Tour article for winning a slot on the 2013 Van's Warped Tour Cincinnati Date - Cincy Music

"U musicians Covers Release of Official 'Right Where We Belong' music video" -

"Substream Music Press Exclusive: Official 'Right Where We Belong' music video"

Substream Music Press premiers BoyMeetsWorld's official Right Where We Belong Music video - Nici Arsenault - Substream Music Press

"Unsigned & Alive - The Alive Project Split - Compilation CD"

BoyMeetsWorld is excited to take part in a compilation album split between Unsigned Ohio and The Alive Project, featuring songs from local artists with a positive value and meaning behind them. "Head Up High" is featured as track 16 on this album. - Unsigned Ohio/The Alive Project

"Amplified Magazine Artist Spotlight"

"On April 4th of this year the band released their first EP entitled Do What’s Best For You. Release day ended up being quite a monumental day. The band not only held a hometown album release show but also were given the opportunity to play on their local Fox news afflilate both achievements most indie rock bands do not see until a few years into the game."
- Stephanie Noel - Amplified Magazine

"In The Spotlight - Plug In Magazine (Europe)"

First piece of press from Europe - In The Spotlight with BoyMeetsWorld - Mary - Plug In Magazine

"Favorite Summer Albums with BoyMeetsWorld"

BoyMeetsWorld shares their favorite summer albums and what they'll be jamming to summer 2013 - Living Louder

"Blackout Music Featured Artsist/Interview"

Blackout Music sat down with BoyMeetsWorld for an exclusive interview with the band - Blackout Music

"PushToFire Featured Artist/Interview"

Push To Fire sat down with BoyMeetsWorld for an exclusive interview with the band - Push To Fire

"Kenwood Towne Center Covers BoyMeetsWorld on Main Website"

6/20/13 - Kenwood Towne Center

"CityBeat Feature BoyMeetsWorld Summer Concert Series"

CityBeat uses BoyMeetsWorld's picture as main promo for article, even though they are the youngest and opener band. Goes to show that hard work can get you places instead of money and bribes - CityBeat Cincinnati

"Google + Live feed video interview and fan chat w/BoyMeetsWorld and The Unsigned Countdown"

BoyMeetsWorld sat down with The Unsigned countdown's host Adam Adawg Gonzales for a juicy video interview and fan chat - The Unsigned Countdown/Google plus

" releases info about in-store signing/performance"

Microsoft posts on official website about BoyMeetsWorld's appearance - Microsoft

"EP Review: The Front Row Report"

Kelly Keating reviews BoyMeetsWorld's Debut Ep,"Do What's Best For You" and gives it a 7/10 - Kelly Keating, The Front Row Report

"Confront Magazine sits down with Vocalist Craig Sulken for a follow up interview"

After Confront's review of "Do What's Best For You", Candra Miller decides to interview Craig about the band.
"After reviewing the EP ‘Do What’s Best For You’ from Cincinnati based pop rock band BoyMeetsWorld and falling in love with it. I jumped at the chance to interview them as well! I spoke with vocalist Craig Sulken about the EP and the band’s future plans!" - Confront Magazine - Candra Miller

"BoyMeetsWorld interview w/ City Of Punk!"

BoyMeetsWorld sits down with City Of Punk for an interview with the band. - City Of Punk

"Let Them Hear: Exclusive Interview"

Let Them Hear sat down with BoyMeetsWorld for an interview with the band. Read the interview here: - Let Them Hear

"Highlight Magazine: Exclusive song/video premier of new single "Rest Of Our Days""

Highlight Magazine exclusively premiered the release of BoyMeetsWorld's brand new single, "Rest Of Our Days" May 10, 2013 - Highlight Magazine

"Exclusive:: Details of BoyMeetsWorld's new single"

Read exclusive details about BoyMeetsWorld's brand new single, "Rest Of Our Days" before the release date - Garret, Neck Deep Media

"Featured Artist of the Month at Pop Volture"

BoyMeetsWorld was the Featured Artist on Pop Vulture Magazine - Pop Vulture Mag

"Online Interview with New Music Inferno"

We did a live call-in interview with New Music Inferno regarding the release of our Debut Ep. Listen here - New Music Inferno

"5/5 Rating EP Review"

It seems that Candra had all kind words to say about the review of "Do What's Best For You". "In conclusion this EP has pretty much everything you could need a song for. I really can’t wait to hear a full-length album from BoyMeetsWorld! They have packed almost an entire life story into a six track EP so I can only imagine what will be on a full album! I really love these guys and I think if you like pop rock or pop punk then you will too!" Read the whole article here: In conclusion this EP has pretty much everything you could need a song for. I really can’t wait to hear a full-length album from BoyMeetsWorld! They have packed almost an entire life story into a six track EP so I can only imagine what will be on a full album! I really love these guys and I think if you like pop rock or pop punk then you will too! - Candra Milller - Confront Magazine

"411: Watch Read Repeat - BoyMeetsWorld"

The 411: WatchReadRepeat had a lot of good things to say. Read here. - WatchReadRepeat

"DLBLF promotions 'Artist Spotlight'"

BoyMeetsWorld as featured artist - Don't Look Back Look Forward promotions

"CityBeat Featured Article"

Not only did BoyMeetsWorld find a spot in a previous article in CityBeat(Cincinnati's largest music magazine), CityBeat was kind enough to give them a featured story the day of their release show. 400 people showed up to this show on April 4th, 2013 -

"Truth Or Sarah Nails "Do What's Best For You" Album review"

Truth Or Sarah had some very awesome comments about this album.
"The EP is flawless. For a debut album, the band seems to know exactly who they are. While each song says different things, and is executed differently, they all have the same energy and passion. This band of brothers and bros successfully dishes out a small bit of what they’re capable of" -

"Stereo Subversion and Hellhound music coverage on 'Do What's Best For You' EP"

Read Articles here: - HellHound Music - Stereo Subversion

"BoyMeetsWorld on - Cincinnati's largest music outlet"

BoyMeetsworld debut EP on City Beat - Cincinnati's largest music coverage website

" The band has a knack for strong Pop hooks and an overall uplifting vibe. Songs like “Head Up High” and “Girl In Front” are best described as Power Pop, written with a maturity and craftiness of a band on their third or fourth album, not first EP." -

"Neck Deep Media covering ep teaser"

Neck Deep media posted an article in regards to BoyMeetsWorld's ep teaser to get fans of music excited about this release. Check it out here > - Neck Deep Media

"Infectious Magazine: ALBUM REVIEW"

Liv Simister of's review on BoyMeetsWorld's debut EP, "Do What's Best For You," gives any foreign listener the perfect taste of what to expect from this hard hitting pop rock ep.

"Overall, the Do What’s Best For You EP does exactly what a good EP is meant to; gives listeners a quick peek at what to expect from the band, as well as giving you something to listen/dance to." - Liv

- Liv Simister - Infectious Magazine

"BoyMeetsWorld on 94.5 FM Radio"

BoyMeetsWorld on rotation of Cincinnati Rock's 94.5, premiering April 1st immediately after the Cincinnati Red's opening day ball game. - 94.5 FM

""Girl In Front" lyric video featured on Culture Brat's 'New Music Friday'"

Our lyric video for "Girl In Front" was featured on @CultureBrats New Music Fridays -

"Unsigned&Unleashed shares the details about BoyMeetsWorld's upcoming EP"

Thanks @Unsigned&Unleashed for sharing the details about our upcoming EP -

"Matt Fleming - agent for Elite Talent Agency in Nashville who reps the likes of Switchfoot, Underoath, Flyleaf, The Almost"

"You guys are on fire." "It was great to see you engaging the crowd. Great set." - The Underground

"Kevin Huffman/Paradigm Agency Representative Live show critique"

Kevin Huffman was flown to Cincinnati, Ohio on January 19th, 2013 to judge the final round of The Tri-state's biggest Battle of the Bands competitions, which started in September 2012 with 35 bands involved. The winner of the competition was announced the night of(four bands remaining), and here is what Kevin had to say about BoyMeetsWorld's performance.
"Seeing a set like that makes me get out of bed and makes me happy to be able to do what I do."
"from top to bottom the set was awesome."
"You made me wish I was 16 years old at a rock show." "Great energy, you look like pros." - The Underground


Where The Hell Is Douglas? - Single - 7/12
Do What's Best For You - EP - 4/5/13
Rest Of Our Days - Single - 5/13
Right Where We Belong - Music Video - 6/13
Become Someone - Single - 8/13
Where The Hell Is Douglas? - Music Video 9/13
Where This Road Leads - Single - 10/13
Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal... - Christmas Album - 11/13



Forget the 90's coming of age television sitcom that comes to mind with the name, BoyMeetsWorld. BoyMeetsWorld, the band, is here to erase those thoughts and show you that drive and belief in your self is everything you need to succeed. This musical powerhouse tackles the obstacles of growing up, setting sights on your future and having a little fun while doing so.
Vocalist and songwriter Craig Sulken sums their message best, "We find inspiration knowing that we have a chance to help somebody better their life through our music and band."
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, it's their ties to their home and each other that have helped turn a dream into a reality.
Bound together by brotherhood, twins Craig and Ryan Sulken, and older bro Brad Sulken were born with the musical itch to become rockstars at a young age. Playing a variety of instruments in their early years and experiencing the rush of being onstage was enough to hook them for life. After pursuing separate careers in other bands, they knew they were stronger together than apart.
Pulling sounds from pop-rock and pop-punk, BMW is the perfect blend of hooks, melodies and soaring guitars that will suite any listener. Their rally chants, soft and heavy breakdowns make for a satisfying mix that can't help but draw you in. It's not hard to see the musical strides they've made and their rapidly growing fan-base is taking notice.
The five-piece has been on the fast track since their formation. BMW formed in the summer of 2012, and in the first year as a band, won first place at their tri-state Battle of the Bands, released their debut EP entitled, 'Do What's Best For You', won a slot on Cincinnati's Vans Warped Tour '13, and spent the whole summer of '14 on Warped as the Catering band.   

Band Members