Boy on a Bike

Boy on a Bike

 Montevideo, Minnesota, USA

"Boy on a Bike" is two friends who love, and believe they have something worth sharing with humans like you. They're an acoustic band with passion, catchy melodies, and solid harmonies bringing a lot of energy to the stage.


Both members of Boy on a Bike believe each person has something valuable to offer others, and in trying to find what they have, Boy on a Bike started. Gentry Schweiger and Zach Yerrick just started this band in January of 2010, but have not stopped making music or having fun since. Although they are an acoustic band, Boy on a Bike brings a lot of energy to the stage using a pop/rock style played on acoustic guitars. With catchy melodies and solid harmonies, Boy on a Bike strives to bring out what YOU have got to give. Each member of the band has different influences, ranging from Jay-Z to Jon Foreman, which gives them a wide variety of new ideas.

Set List

An average Boy on a Bike set is 30 minutes long.