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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Feature in Decoder"

Philly electronic musician Kyle Lambert, who records bubbling, sample-heavy electronic music under the alias Boy Scout of America, is about to head out on tour supporting a new cassette release, Bad Dreamer via the experimental Magic Death Sounds label. His first show of the tour is tonight at Lit Lounge in NYC (with Crash Symbols veterans Beggars In a New Land no less) and today we have the first track from the record to share, the percolating, Bill Hicks-sampling cut "A Slower Vibration." Stream the track and check out his tour dates below, you're in for good things if he's rolling through your city. - Decoder

"Track debut on Yvynyl..."

Philly producer Kyle Lambert decided to go for more of a ‘pop’ sound on this new single. He’s previously put out dirty, bass-heavy stoner jams like his Iggy Azalea cut-up “Pleasure Highland” that I guest blogged on PRTLS a couple months ago. When he started working with this enigmatic 90’s R&B-inspired Indiana vocalist, sparks started flying. Excited to hear more from these two. - Yvnyl

"On Bad Dreamer..."

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared anything from Kyle Lambert (over a year! gee whiz!). The Philadelphia noisemaker turned producer known as Boy Scout of America has been plenty busy in the meantime though. Molting layers of noise and watching them blow away down the street, Kyle has emerged on the other side a more than competent producer; and yet he still retains the gnarled edge of his earlier content.
Although I’m not really a connoisseur of electronic music, Bad Dreamer is really scratching the occasional beats ‘n bass itch for me. On it Kyle manages to combine elements of mangled noise, industrial, and hip-hop into an amalgam that’s all his own. Even though there are so many great tracks on the album, the easy standout for me is “Say It Out Loud”, a collaboration with b.u.i.l.t. (Lord knows how much I adore that guy). I mean, come on, once Burke’s vocals crashed the party I was emphatically sold on what was already building up to be a great album.
Oh, and if you’re the sort that likes free stuff you can grab Bad Dreamer for free for a couple days (or until Kyle changes his mind).
- Cactus Mouth

"Interview with Portals..."

Mark Schoneveld of Philadelphia blog, YVYNYL, discusses Boy Scout of America‘s “Pleasure Highland (Iggy Azalea Edit)” with founding member, Kyle Lambert.

This broke-down catchy cut-up from Philly producer Kyle Lambert comes with a little background:

I started fucking around with electronic music in 2008 but it was never taken seriously until relatively recently I guess. Boy Scout of America really started in the fall of 2011, I had just moved out to Pittsburgh to play drums in the rock n’ roll band Ursa Major. Ursa was the first project I was a part of where I really didn’t have much creative input, and I needed that. I started feeling sort of like I was going to explode unless I had some other outlet, so I tried to start a band, but the only 4 people that I knew in Pittsburgh were the 4 dudes I was already in a band with. Then I realized I could just do it all by myself.

To be totally honest Boy Scout started with the intentions of pretty much being a Casiotone For The Painfully Alone rip off. After making a few pretty rip-offy tracks I found that I was much more interested in the stuff that just came to me naturally.

And then I put my first album (Quit Music) together in about a week. For real. I didn’t tell anyone, just made a WordPress and put it up there (no one ever saw it I don’t think). Drunkenly one night I sent it off to AMdiscs and never heard anything. After a while the word got out that I was making this stuff and I ended up playing a few house shows, doing a weekend tour and opening for Cold Cave. And then randomly AMdiscs emailed me back months later saying they’d love to put out Quit Music, and then they did.

After that I moved back to Philly, made another album (Dream Pipe) and sat on it for about 5 months until realizing that AMdiscs probably wasn’t fucking with me anymore. So I just released it myself, then I released N0†3Z and Says It All in the same week about a month ago, along with all these remixes and one-off tracks and what-have-you’s.

Pretty much I’m just any other bedroom producer guy, hopefully producing something worth hearing. - Portals

"On Bad Dreamer..."

Molting layers of noise and watching them blow away down the street, Kyle has emerged on the other side a more than competent producer. - Cactus Mouth



Quit Music (amdiscs, 2011):

Dream Pipe (self released, 2011):

N0†3Z (self released, 2012):

Says It All (self released, 2012):

Bad Dreamer (magic death sounds, 2012):

Dark Wind EP:

Yung †rillionaire:
unreleased track here:


Say It Out Loud ft. B.U.I.L.T:

Pleasure Highland (Iggy Azalea Edit):

Drug Disaster:

We Found Love Remixx:



I make huge music in a tiny apartment in Kensington, Philadelphia. Something like sub-aquatic r&b, or astral-trap, introspective and atmospheric electronic music that won't let you get too comfortable. The saddest sounding song you've ever wanted to dance to. Something you heard once in a nightmare.