Boy/Girl is a nofi-sleazy-artrock duo out of Jersey City, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. They released their first EP on Ace Fu Family Business only 7 months after their inception.


Boy-girl plays a creeped out brand of rock with frenetic highs, unsettling lows, and strange sexual undertones. The male/female duo was formed on the dirty streets of Jersey City. The story begins in 2003 after Lisa moved to NYC from Oslo, Norway to study liquid-liquid extractions at Columbia University. Over time she became overwrought with contempt for the university and its ivory tower atmosphere. It was then that she decided to get out of Dodge and move with a friend to an abandoned building across the Hudson River in Jersey City. Eric had moved into the same building two months prior to Lisas arrival. He explains his arrival at this place was primarily due to circumstances involving a lady and other events beyond his control. They met in February of 2005 and made a pact to start playing music together after Eric's return from an extended hunting trip for the American Museum of Natural History in India. That summer Lisa secured a rehearsal space in a storage warehouse owned and operated by a funny little Italian gentleman. Eric returned that fall after spending a quarantined month in Dubai fighting Dengue Fever. That October the duo immediately started writing and recording their current LP which will be released this Fall.


1. EP 1 - (Ace Fu Family Business)
2. Secret Secret Singles - (Ace Fu Family Business)
3. 7" (Ace Fu Family Business)



Set List

40 min - 1 hour 8-12 songs