Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out



Burlington Based Boys Night Out are making a definitive statement with their self-titled album. Often times it is a group's debut setting the blueprint for years to come. But when it is a move enacted by a band that is already built a following on the road and garnered crititcal acclaim with a handful of albums.
Boys Night Out are a band who blended melody with abrasion. New songs like √úp with Me,", The Push and Pull", and "Swift & Unforgiving"are the latest salvos in the band's determined war on dishonesty. "We are focused entirely on writing honest music that is straight from the heart,"says Jeff Davis. Boys Night Out EP Broken Bones and BloodyKisses got the ball rolling in 2002 and set things up nicely for Make Yourself Sick. Trainwreck blew open the doors, with the band's dark wit poking through even stronger from within the music's sick pop structures.
Riff-tastic and near prog-like guitars crash into rousing sing a longs, built around dark subject matter are all over the new album. With a foot planted firmly in the rule breaking bile of punk rock and another foot standing on the melodic sensibility of knapsack, Foo Fighters or even Third Eye Blind, Boys Night Out's music sounds so honest becasue they always set out to please themselves first and foremost.


Broken Bones & Bloody Kisses
Make Yourself Sick
Boys Night Out (Self Titled 06/2007