Boys Of Summer

Boys Of Summer

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Who doesn't LOVE The Eagles? The "Boys Of Summer", a tribute to The Eagles and friends, play right through their library making you feel you are watching the boys themselves.


Sometime in the 60’s, an unknown band called Shilo hits Los Angeles from Texas. The band was led by singer, songwriter, comedian Richard Boden. Their drummer, a curly haired vocalist named Don, Henley that is.

We’re not sure what happened to Shilo, only that Don Henley connected with singer, songwriter Glen Frey, who was recording and performing with J.D. Souther in a band called “Long Branch Penny Whistle”. Glen and Don formed a band that created the California sound. They called themselves “The Eagles”, the rest of the story is well-documented history.

Don Henley wrote, sang, and played drums with flawless meter. He sang with searing textured lead, and back up vocals. He led the band to heights no so called “country rock” band had ever climbed to.

Life after “The Eagles” for Don Henley was a display of the man’s intellect, heart, poise, emotion, and cause. Each solo album with a different feel, attitude, and contribution by some of the finest musicians and songwriters alive today. With every release one thing remains obvious, this man can sing the bolts out of a battleship, high or low, soft or hard, sweet or soulful. He does it all, no one compares!

It is with this in mind and with the deepest respect for Mr. Henley and his work, we hope to recreate a fraction of the experience that is the music of Don Henley. We can only hope it is as fun for you as it has been for us, and we look forward to sharing that experience with you.


* Eagles
* Desperado
* On The Border
* One of These Nights
* Hotel California
* The Long Run
* Eagles Live
* Hell Freezes Over
* Long Road Out Of Eden

Set List

• All She Wants To Do Is Dance
• The Boys Of Summer
• Desperado
• Dirty Laundry
• The End Of The Innocence
• Get Over It
• The Heart Of The Matter
• Witchy Woman
• One Of These Nights
• All Night Long
• The Last Resort
• New York Minute
• Nobody Else In The World But You
• Not Enough Love In The World
• Sunset Grill
• Party Town
• Guilty Of The Crime
• Takin’ You Home
• Hotel California
• Take It Easy
• Peaceful Easy Feeling
• Tequila Sunrise
• How Long
• The Long Run
• Life In The Fast Lane
• Victim Of Love
• Already Gone
• Lyin Eyes