boys of thunder

boys of thunder

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aggressive trip hop that just might step on hip hop's toes...a blend of fun, anger and intelligence with a buzz saw-esque delivery set to beats you can't help but hurt yourself dancing to!


If you threw the bloodhound gang, the beastie boys, nofx, the chemical brothers and bob dylan in a blender, you would end up with a whole lot of blood and mangled'd get the boys of thunder. Two poets each with their own dark way of making depression beautiful.
Mixed with electronic beats you can't help but hurt yourself dancing to, these boys slaughter microphones regularily.
The monotonies of life (working, bills, idiots) are transformed into beautiful complaints, a social commentary if you will.
Matty B (also of suffocate the stars) brings his industrial tinged background to a whole new playing field.
And P.O.E. (the poetically organized entity) brings an ear for the ambient .
Together they create beats that not only catch your ear and make you dance but they actually force other attractive people to have sex with you (it's in the frequencies).
With rhymes tighter than a vice on your ball sack (or a mammogram for the ladies) they feel they give back to the microphone community.
The boys sold out their very first show at Absinthe in the hammer and are well on their way to crucial recognition. With interviews on college radio and local papers, a stint on the edge 102.1, a Hamilton Music award for hip hop album of the year and a loyal army of friends and myspacers the boys are making waves.
So, ride with them on their journey of chaos.


The Definitive E.P.
radio singles: we got guns
the descending lights over lowville
waking eyes

Set List

1) intro track
2) bounce
3) the world according to us
4) pop culture and soad crackers
5) nothin work out
6) waking eyes
7) we got guns
8) the descending lights over lowville
our sets are normally between 20-25 minutes
covers are rare but from time to time we cover JUMP by kris cross