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"Album Review"

Boys Will Be Boys is not just your average powerpop band. Being from Fairfax , Virginia Boys Will Be Boys strives to be different from the other bands out there. With their recent release of The Release on August 2, 2009, they show how different they can be. The Release is the second EP that they’ve release, the first being The Pre-Release which was released back in June 15, 2008. Two of the songs off The Release were also featured on The Pre-Release. Sean Small produced both The Pre-Release and The Release.
The first track off The Release is “Jaded (Forget You).” This song is exactly about being jaded for a girl. It’s quite a relatable for any guy who has been brought down by any relationship. “Until I Leave” is the perfect song for someone who feels trapped or even held back by his or her little hometown. Being a small town myself, I really love this song. The vocals on this song are hands-down amazing. The following song “That’s What’s Up” was also on The Pre-Release, but they’ve done some different things on this version. Both versions are just as good, I suggest listening to both of them to see what you think.
Track number four is Boys Will Be Boys’ cover of Chris Brown’s song “Forever.” Now, Chris Brown’s version is great but there’s something about their cover that makes it so much better. When listening to Chris Brown’s version I could never really get the lyrics without looking online for them. The first time I heard this cover, I learned all of the lyrics. Not to mention, that their cover is also better live.
Track number five “Make This Count” was also on The Pre-Release and like “That’s What’s Up” they changed it up. Even though this whole album is catchy, I think this is the catchiest song of this EP. Its one of those songs that’s so good that it get stuck in your head. The next song “Stop Calling Me” is slightly slower than the other songs but is just as good as the rest. It helps lead into the last song to finish the CD. The last song “Love Affair” is a slow song but it’s great to end the album with. The vocals on this song are soothing to the ears along with music and lyrics.
I happen to love this EP, I tend to have it on repeat all the time. Their songs are constantly getting stuck in my head and I always catch myself singing them. Overall, all of the songs on The Release have good rhythms and lyrics. They’re also extremely catchy. I have a feeling their old fans will absolutely love this. If you have a chance to see them live, definitely go because they’re a bunch of sweethearts. I can’t wait to see what Boys Will Be Boys will do in the future, I have a feeling they will not disappoint!
For Fans Of: Forever The Sickest Kids, The Friday Night Boys, Boys Like Girls, and All Time Low
Overall Rating Out Of 10: 9.5
Top Tracks To Listen To: Jaded (Forget You), That’s What’s Up, Make This Count and Forever (Chris Brown Cover) - SHRED NEWS


The Release:
1. Jaded (Forget You)
2. Until I Leave
3. That's What's Up
4. Forever (Chris Brown Cover)
5. Make This Count
6. Stop Calling Me
7. Love Affair

The Pre Release:
1. Thats Whats Up
2. Make This Count
3. Word On The Street



Boys Will Be Boys, that is their name, that is their motto. They come to party and they come to make you dance. With catchy choruses, and shredding guitar solos not found in your typical pop band, they are making waves not just in Virginia but nationally. With a well accepted EP release on iTunes in the summer of 2008, The Pre- Release, its just the beginning of this party.