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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
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"The Dark Gift Review"

Boy Sykes
The Dark Gift

Larry “Boy Sykes” Sykes is an up and coming voice in the hip-hop genre. The Dark Gift is his first album and he produced and recorded it at Little House Studios in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
In “King Me,” the first track on the album, I enjoyed the sound bite of The Vampire Lestat. This lead into a strong beat with Sykes grinding out a vibrant dialogue about living fast, high and dying young. An important aspect of this song is being on top of the world after growing up in an environment full of pain and “staring at the sun while soaking in the rain.”
“I’m Me” layers beautiful guitar playing, soul, rhythm, blues and a strong hip-hop movement all into one melodic piece. Sykes spins a tale of life choices. Working for a boss in a dead end job or striking out and living your dreams is a window into the soul of the artist. He had to reach for what he wanted and would have been “lost” if he had done what everyone else expected him to do. Sometimes risks are the way you survive a harsh reality of stark choices. He persevered and now success is knocking on his door.
“Bittersweet Sympathy” is about the value of hip-hop artists versus more musicians that have been more mainstream like Kenny G. Wanting to have his own radio station to project his own sound in a world that doesn’t value his particular type of music, Sykes expresses his frustration, but also his perseverance. This resonated with me because while I am not a fan of hip-hop music on the whole, I can appreciate his position. He has been told he is worthless and wonders if he can get some “Bittersweet Sympathy.” The momentum in this song is catchy and artful.
“Let’s Go” is the last track on the album. It is the strongest piece and very much about racial tensions in America. Gentle piano strains rise into a lilting chant of African children. Sykes erupts into an evocative social commentary on a variety of issues. Slavery, black equality and sound clips of who I believe to be Martin Luther King Jr. calling for people not to hate the race they were born into are an important part of this song. Sykes speaks of prison life, church leaders that victimize their parishioners, his grandmother’s experiences, gang violence, drugs and other issues that are very real in many communities around the United States. With passion in his voice, he calls “let’s go” to his fellow man to embrace each other and themselves. I can’t think of a better message than that.
Larry “Boy Sykes” Sykes is a voice that will carry in the hip-hop genre. Smooth and full of passion, his deeply thoughtful social questions will make you think. Looking beyond the expletives and into the heart of Sykes, I can see a young artist rising to the top, filled with creativity, drive and a sound that is intense and will resonate in your ears long after the album is done playing.
- Dana Wright


Still working on that hot first release.



Boy Sykes released his first album "The Dark Gift" in August 2013 and has been on the road promoting every since .