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He goes by the name FlyOrDie Teez and he’s an 18 year old Up and Coming Artist representing Detroit, Michigan. With a new and unique hip-hop flavor Boy Teezy plans to become an international superstar. Listening to his music one will experience his personal life experiences, a hype feel, and also a mixture of what he likes to call fun. Some of his major influences in music are Wiz Khalifa, Big Sea
n, J.Cole, Kanye West, Drake and Rick Ross. This young music artist has been using his creative talent as a rapper since he was in the 9th grade.

Boy Teezy determination and ambition is going to take him so far that he will make his own lane to becoming the next big star from his city, Detroit. He’s bringing the music industry a flavor of truth in the lyrics of his songs. You can find Boy Teezy on Youtube with several visuals of his music to display. He has a great love and inspiration for the art of music. While still yet a soon-to-be graduate determined to make it to the top and ready to tour the world while sharing his music for everyone to enjoy.


The "Fly Boy Fraternity" Mixtape by FlyNFamous - Aug. 2011
"Hollywood Boulevard" Mixtape - May 2012