Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Blending elements of New Wave, Funk, Blues and Rock, Philadelphia singer/songwriter Boy Wonder delivers his own unique brand of pop music rocking crowds wherever he goes.


In the four short years since his first gig he has become one of Philadelphia's most promising and interesting young artists. Delivering a high-energy brand of Pop Music that blends Funk, Rock, Soul, Blues, Hip-Hop and Jazz, Andre Coles is Boy Wonder.

"I still remember my first gig,
it was at the Whole Foods on South Street.
I had just put my first record out
and I didn't have a clue what I was doing.
All I knew was that some guy named Boy Wonder
was gonna rock a supermarket!"

Born in West Philadelphia to Reverend Vincent Coles and Pamela Coles, a Medical Technician, Andre began his musical life at age three by singing in the church choir. He was turned onto Rock and Roll at the age of six after hearing The Police's Roxanne.

Making music in various bands since the age of 17 Andre was a veteran of the Philadelphia Music Scene by age 20. Sparked by an impromptu performance with Maroon 5 at the TLA on their first headlining tour, Boy recorded his first solo album, Simplex in 2003. His second album, Electric Love would follow in 2006. Along the way Boy Wonder and his backing band The Klique have gained a reputation in Philadelphia for delivering high-energy, incredibly entertaining performances. Boy Wonder has often been compared to a young Prince.

"I was never comfortable with that comparison,
Prince is a genius and I'm too tall."

In 2006, Boy Wonder signed with Valentino Entertainment in mid 2006 who began shopping his music to major record labels almost immediately.In early 2007, less than a year after the release of Electric Love, Boy Wonder and the Klique went back to work to record Contact a title and song that holds a great deal of significance to him as an artist.

"I really think that art is self expression
right up until the point you show that art to someone else,
then it's about connecting with them.
If you can make Contact with someone else through your art
you've done your job."

Standout tracks such as "Body", "3000 Miles Away, and (I think we should) Breakup hint at Boy Wonders growth, newfound maturity, and strong belief in songwriting.

"I looked at all my favorite artists;
Sting, The Police, Prince, John Mayer
and the key to their success was writing great songs
that made you feel something,
and that all the technical skill won't help you if your songs aren't good.
it's the neighborhood I wish to live in someday"

The positive reception to the album Contact, made Boy Wonder one of the most in demand acts of 2007. From Daytona to New York City, including residencies at The Mansion and Lickety Split in downtown Philadelphia he brings his music to the people the old-fashioned way.

Starting in January of 2008, Boy Wonder took over as the host of Philly Rising, World Cafe Live's popular Monday Night Open Mic event. At the end of the year he released Superego, which would prove to be his most successful release yet.

After doing a national tour with Boston-Based Indie Rock Band, Bang Camaro, Boy Wonder has played all over the country including the South by Southwest Music Festival and the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

"It's important to try new things,
Bang Camaro is an amazing and unique band
and I'm glad to be a part of it."

Upon his return to Philadelphia, Boy Wonder spent 2009 using what he learned as a member of Bang Camaro to take the country by storm, touring everywhere from Detroit to Dallas and Los Angeles, spreading his music everywhere.

In June 2010 he took the band into the studio to record a new album, Animated, and opened for acts like Jenna Andrews (Island/DefJam) Vantiy Theft, Electric Six, The Knux (Interscope), and Idle Warship (Featuring Talib Kweli and Res).

"Watching the bands and artists that were
at the next level inspired me to keep on going,
I felt closer to where I wanna be than ever before."

In the summer of 2012 Boy Wonder released his sixth album, HEAVY, drawing from his original blues and gospel influences and is currently at work on his next tour.

"I want to grow as a musician, as a songwriter, as a person.
I want to get better. I want more people to see me and my band play.
I believe in what I'm doing and Im having a blast!"



Written By: Andre Coles

Whisper In My Ear
Voices Inside My Head
Get Louder and Louder
Until There's Noting Left
The Screaming Surrounds Me
And Sends Me To The Floor
Then I'm Mad
Mad As Hell And I Cant Take No More

I'm a Monster A Thriller
Stand Back I'm a Killer
Call a Doctor In A White Coat
Janet Leigh Psycho

Voices So Clear Now
They Sound A Lot Like Yours
Tellin Me That I Can't
Ever Since I was Five Years Old
But I Keep Keep I Pushin
Get Where I Need To Be
You Said I Can't Rock
Did You See Me On TV

I'm a Monster A Thriller
Stand Back I'm a Killer
Call a Doctor In A White Coat
Janet Leigh Psycho

Sometimes I Be Believin
That I Be Hearin Screamin
Like Somebody's Watchin
They Think That They Can Stop Me
I Think They're Getting Closer
I Think They Think It's Over
They Got a Knife In The Shower
But I Got A Gun
Somebody Get Some Flowers

I'm So Sick With This
Think I need a Padded Cell
Cause Until I Get To Heaven
Damn Sure Gonna Raise Some Hell
I'm a Little Crazy
But baby That's Alright
Get You A Guest Pass
We'll All Be Psycho Tonight

I'm a Monster A Thriller
Stand Back I'm a Killer
Call a Doctor In A White Coat
Janet Leigh Psycho


Simplex - 2003
Electric Love - 2006
Contact - 2007
Superego - 2008
Animated - 2010
HEAVY - 2012

Set List

Covers We Play

Walking on The Moon
Sunshine of Your Love
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Demolition Man
Billie Jean
Hoochie Coochie Man
Covered in Rain

Between the covers and my catalogue of orginal songs I'm able to adjust the set list to fit a Rock or R&B Show. Can play anywhere from 30 minutes to Two Two Hour Sets