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BQEZ @ Sullivan Hall

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

BQEZ @ Rose Live Music

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn, New York, USA

BQEZ @ The Knitting Factory

NYC, New York, USA

NYC, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Just got back from BQEZ show at Matt Murphy’s Pub in Brookline Village. It was unbelievable tonight. The show got off to a punctual start at 1130, the first set was pretty tight, with the normal band roster, they spun out a few pysch-joints inbetween some crowd energizers such as Light as a Feather and Later. They had a different drummer tonight, i think his name is Adam, he certainly fit right in, i was tapping out beats morse code fashion on whatever was within reach. The 2nd set was just off the rails rediculous. Joining them was a bassist, a rasta vocalist, a guest drummer, and a guy playing horn. 18 Wheeler, of course and So Long were memorable. They totally unleashed on the crowd, Kira is an unbelievable singer, and she keeps the crowd hooked with friendly chatter during the breaks. She’s been here before. Anyway, this was the best I’ve seen them throw down, out of the 4 times I’ve seen them this summer, 3 of which were at Murphy’s. Crowd was going pretty much ballistic in the small bar that is the pub, but it was all good. Definately some appreciation has to be said for Rie Tsuji on synth bass and keys, especially during the beatbox synth he did with the drummer at the end. Kira Huseby as always just melting the crowd down to its purest form, and it was good to see David the guitarist playing his best during the improvs and solos, way to go to everyone though, it definately all came together tonight, thanks for the empowerment: I’m going to go create something awesome now, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. - Madrid Spacestion Spain

“At 9:30 I was able to take my mind away from that question by turning my attention to the New York-based band BQEZ. I thought they had some real flavor and bravery to boot. Not everyone attempts to fuse rock, reggae and rapping into one repertoire, and this collective pulled it off like silk undies at a panty raid. They was nice, yo. They shared their craft in smooth bass lines, rhythmically fluid guitar accompaniment, intoxicating drums and excellent keyboard delivery. Everything was tight, fo’ rill. They seemed to have quite a local following, with the more interested members of the swelling audience unashamedly exercising their right to rock on with some get down. Especially impressive was the synergy of the spoken lyrical presentation by member M-Cue and the silk-jazzy tones of Lady K. Their interplay was off the heezay and the crowd really felt their presence and flow. BQEZ ended their set at 10pm and walked away with x-amount of respect from the ever growing mass of patrons beginning to flood Higher Ground.
Major shout- out going to BQEZ for rippin’ up the dance (Watch out y’all, these folks is nasty with theirs)…I was pleased to also see an intriguing variety of people in Burlington came out to support Sizzla and BQEZ”
As reported by: Hytman-Champlain Valley Correspondent
Edited by: Lazarus 2005

- Hytman-Champlain Valley Correspondent


BQEZ- Self titled debut EP, available on iTunes



In the fall of 2005, BQEZ hatched from Brooklyn, NY and is comprised of two long time collaborators: Guitarist/composer David Bailis and drummer Boey Bertold. The BQEZ collective features emcee M-Cue from Trinidad, Lady K- Kira Huseby on vocals and Rie Tsuji on synth bass and keys. BQEZ mixes hiphop, dancehall, jazz and R&B together to create a style that is uniquely their own. BQEZ released their debut EP in February of 06 and quickly signed with the distribution label Blaze The World. Their music is currently available through digital download on iTunes and many other digital music networks worldwide. They were also nominated for Best Rap Group in the 2006 New England Urban Music awards. BQEZ have shared the stage with such luminaries as Sizzla and Steel Pulse at the Higher Ground in Burlington, VT as well as Soulive and John Browns Body. Members of BQEZ have appeared in an array of tours and bands. They have performed with Ceelo (Gnarls Barkley), Beyonce, Matisyahu, The Fugees, Wycleff Jean, George Porter jr (The Meters) Eric Benet, MC Supernatural, Medusa, Pharoahe Monch, members of JBB, Butch Morris and Jazz Hiphop Orchestra (JHO). In addition, they have opened for Dead Prez, Burning Spear, Roberta Flack, Maceo from De La Soul, Slum Village and Headfake (members of Living Colour). Members of BQEZ also performed on the Beats for Peace Tour in 2003. Exploding from the Brooklyn underground, BQEZ storms the scene with the real jazz/hiphop sound of today.