Brace For Blast

Brace For Blast

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Think Didjits meets Rush meets Social Distortion meets Dead Kennedys and you'll definitely want BRACE FOR BLAST rocking your venue.


We have over 50 originals and have been active since 2002. We can adapt to any setting, with our songs ranging from rock to all out jazz fusion punk.

Previous Venues played at :

3rd Street Live - Cedar Rapids, IA
Bar Games - Northwood, IA
Firewater - Iowa City, IA
Gabe's - Iowa City, IA
Hattrix - Kenosha, WI
House Of Bricks - Des Moines, IA
Iowa City Yacht Club - IowA City, IA
JB's Speakeasy - LaCrosse, WI
Kenny B's - Manitowoc, WI
Memories - Chicago, IL
Mixtapes - East Moline, IL
O'Malley's - Alsip, IL
River Music Experience - Davenport, IA
Rock's Ledge - Stuart, IA
Shockwave - Cedar Rapids, IA
Sidelines - Iowa City, IA
Swing State - Lake Villa, IL
Tapper's - Francis Creek, WI
The Cove - Sheboygan, WI
The Green Room - Iowa City, IA
The Hall Mall - Iowa City, IA
The Industry - Iowa City, IA
The Picador - Iowa City, IA
The Reptile Palace - Oshkosh, WI
The Rigby Pub - Madison, WI
Uptown Bill's - Iowa City, IA


Duck & Cover (2002)

Avert Eyes From Flash (2004)

Embrace (2007)

Endangered Species (2009) - free download at

Razor Dull (in the works)