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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



To categorize the sound of Bracelet in one word, or even a single genre, is near impossible. The band surpasses the typical sound of rock by taking the technique of layering instruments and vocals to the next level. Their musical progression is indescribable, partly because each song has its own signature. Songs by Bracelet do not resemble the song just prior to it on the record, nor the one following. Their songs are the unsuspected pleasure and if you stop listening you will miss something.
The song “Shortman” begins with a beat that instantly makes your feet want to tap. The voice of Lew Watts breaks up the words, “You’re mad; you make me mad” in a catchy way that leads you to sing along. With its distinct rhythm and repetition of the lyrics, “why don’t you go home when you’re supposed to?” this song has potential for being the band’s ballad. Skip ahead to the next track, “Pickup.” Right away the almost Radiohead sound, along with a deep voice relaying the words “I could tell you a story” sound almost hypnotic. But just when you think you have the song musically figured out, the tone changes. Watt’s voice becomes high and there is once again the layering of drums, guitars, and vocals. This distinct layering could possibly be Bracelet’s way of defining themselves. Although Bracelet does not adhere to any single musical style, they have found a sound and technique that makes them. With the variations in Watts’ pitch throughout their songs, as well as the layering and musical progression within their songs, the listener will undoubtedly be surprised to hear what this band has in store for them in the following tracks. - April Miller


"I like it... feels great... definite head boppin' going on here... pocket feels great.Killer guitar sound -
raunchy and powerful! the mood is really intense and on the dark side.
Great work - keep it up! " leveled from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on "unravel girl" (

"I liked the guitar, bass and drums. they had a nice blend.The guy had a sweetass voice
that's almost mysterious sounding. ".- voicegal Prince George, British Columbia (

"...good rage. I like the guitar - which maybe is a bit overpowering, but maybe not. start to listen to the trackin a different kind of way: you begin to fixate on the vocals,
and the guitar riffage becomes an impressionist backdrop. Sexy."-
hfarrell Toronto, Ontario, Canada on "unravel girl"

"By far the best song i have heard...on garageband. ... It's got a Portishead meets Fisher deal.
Nice. The chorus is awesome" zambra from Fresno, California on "find my way" ( - various


self released fall of 2001


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bracelet's infectious songs vary from heavy, dark and brooding, to melodic and driving. Instantly recognized for their unique blend of heavy guitars, intense drumming, and haunting moody vocals, Bracelet is a band that has been working hard from day one to be heard and make an impact. Consisting of members from noted bands standing tall, as friends rust, and culture, The music this band makes is constantly evolving, shifting its tone and sound from song to song, while always being unmistakebly bracelet.
Bracelet is now in the studio recording primary tracks for their forthcoming release.