Bracken relishes in the tradition of Irish music and takes it to new levels with upbeat jigs, fast and fancy reels and songs from a variety of sources, original and traditional. With unique arrangements and expert musicianship, Bracken will win smiles and cheers from your patrons and guests!


When an award-winning fiddler teams up with an Irish guitarist who's performed on some of the world's most prestigious stages, there's bound to be some good music as a result. Add two more proficient musicians and the music just gets better. But it's something else that fuels the contagious fire of Bracken's music. It might be Gabe's passion and love for the sounds of home. It might be the sheer joy that his band members know comes from an authentic expression of an amazing culture. It might be the desire and commitment to take that expression to new heights and do it justice with excellent musicianship and unique arrangements. But whatever the reason, the listener always has a good time and that's what matters to us most.

So Gabe, Kathy, Del and Booie keep playing. Audiences all around California from pubs to festivals to small concerts have gotten a taste of the unique sound that blends Gabe's roots in country, Kathy's roots in classical music and Booie's roots in blues and bluegrass.

The tunes are mostly traditional, the delivery is not. But the Irish music expert will hear touches of Martin Hayes and Solas while other fans will hear the influence of Nickel Creek.


Bracken is currently working on their album but members of the band have solo Celtic cds:

Mapless Journey, Kathy Buys
Back Home to You, Gabriel Duffin
Loney Streets, Gabriel Duffin

Set List


1. Cup of Tea (slow reel)

2. Whiskey in the Jar (song with audience participation)

3. Blarney Pilgram / Out on the Ocean / Trip to Athlone
4. Copperplates / Mountain Top (Reels)

5. Si Beag Si Mor (fast waltz)

6. Star of the County Down (song)

7. Darwin’s Dream/ Jimmy Power’s Favorite/Luck of the Toss (original jig and slip jigs)

8. Martin Rochford’s/Green Gowned Lass (reels)

9. Rolling in the Ryegrass/ Torn Jacket/ Flowers of Limerick (reels)

Sally Gardens (song)

10.Margaret’s Waltz/Sourgrass and Granite/My Cape Breton Home (waltzes)

11.Scottish Concerto / Merle’s Reel/ Beare Island Reel (Strathspey and reels)

12. Ashokan Farewell (Waltz)

13. Banshee / Sally Gardens/ Spootiskerry (reels)

14. Silver Spear / Boys of the Loch/ Maids of Castlebar (reels)

15. Big Fella (song)

16. Snowy Path/ Fahy’s Jig/ Garrett Barry’s
(slip jig and jigs)