Brad Yeoman
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Brad Yeoman

Lombard, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Lombard, IL
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




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My name is Brad Yeoman. I'm a 20 year old pop singer/songwriter from the suburb Lombard, outside of Chicago Illinois.  I found an early interest in music when I taught myself the drums, piano, and guitar when I was 13 years old. Shortly after I started to put my own heart into music, and started writing songs.  Writing music has always been my way of finding my true self, again.  It connects me spiritually in ways that are difficult to understand.  From age 13 to 19, I hid my talent from friends, family, and the world. For various reasons, I was scared to put my soul out there for people to take in.  Influencing people in a positive way has always been my dream, no matter how many college visits my parents would drag me to, in order to please them.  I made a crazy hard decision not to attend college of any sort, in order to work on my dream. I know I made the right decision, no matter what anyone says. Since graduating high school, I have been working on myself.  I've been working on aspects of music, but also gaining knowledge of life itself. A little while after turning 19 years old, I picked up a book that has changed my life so much.  It started a spiritual awakening within myself.  I have been able to see past the system that humans are born and raised into. Not only do I understand that this system is detrimental to humanity, but will ultimately fail and humans will return to their natural state of being. Basically, the mainstream human, or at least American, has lost the divine connection with our Creator, and the interconnection between all beings and matter.  I'm probably about 20 years ahead of my time, for my age. I see this as an absolute blessing. I have realized how this earth really can be heaven on earth for every human.  I have a bigger job than I know, but sharing my views will be a life-long job.  Every day I become more of my true self, connecting me with my soul. The energy that I speak and live has so much power and influence. Along with my music, my influence will be vast around the planet. My music and word is based upon love and positivity. Even in a sad break up song, there's still melodies of light and beauty within the duality of the song. When I was writing in my earlier years, I would figure out a line to a melody, and the rest of the words would just come out of my mouth, without even consciously processing what I was saying. I would later on analyze the words and realize how amazing they are. I believe that when I write music, it's not just my physical being writing, but my soul coming out and spreading it's influence.  Every time I share a piece of my soul with another human, they feel it on a deeper level. My music really connects with people. I know that I am a natural songwriter or story-teller because I never learned how to write.  I never researched how to write a song.  Just listening to the format of most songs, was enough for me to figure out how they work.  That little piece of music theory came to me naturally. I have about 30 songs that are completely done and ready to be recorded.  On top of that I have about 60 ideas or partially written songs that are waiting to be written.  Right now (November 2016) I am focusing on growing my fanbase, recording, learning video-editing software, performing 2-3 times per month, working on my voice a lot, and working on myself a lot.  I understand the success one can achieve when they believe, so I am working every day to change negative thinking habits. I am only at the beginning of my journey, and I am so excited to see what I can manifest for myself. 

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