Brad Bacon

Brad Bacon

 Oxford, Georgia, USA

Accessible and interesting, Brad Bacon's music connects with a broad audience and touches the spiritual in us all. Haunting melodies, strong hooks, and thoughtful lyrics envelop the listener. Brad's music resonates well with youth battling with the struggle between the spiritual and worldly.


Brad connects with audiences. Whether it is an intimate crowd in a local coffee shop or a congregation of a thousand, Brad finds the connection and builds the relationship. His music reflects his journey through the world of secular music to a connection with the Savior and a rebirth of his musical spirit. His latest release, "He whispers low," explores the very personal relationship that God wants to have with each of us. Sometimes you must sit very still and listen close to hear. . .

Brad was born to live and love music. He has had a band and performed nearly continuously since the age of 12. Brad has shared the stage with The Black Crowes, Hootie and the Blowfish, Drivin' and Cryin', Widespread Panic, and other notable acts from the South.

He is now following God's path, which is to bring life-changing music to new audiences.


Fly Like Birds

Written By: Brad Bacon

Why so weak and weary?
Why so dark and dreary?
Can you not hear me?

This is a cold reflection
This is a weak rendition
The first Edition

And when I feel his breath on me
I can do most anything
You and I should fly like birds
But we’ve got to grow wings
And when I listen close
I can hear the angels sing

This place can be scary
I know that you’ve grown wary
Give Him your cares, see

Looking for all the answers
Is eating you like a cancer
Come be His dancer

And when I feel his breath on me
I can do most anything
You and I would fly like birds
If we’d only grow our wings
And if you listen close
You can hear the angels singing
Hear the bells ringing


"He whispers low": EP release date 2008
* fly like birds
* ton of bricks
* he holds you
* bathed in the light
* that cross on the hill
* a savior and his love
* i believe it so
* roll with you

Brad is currently working on a new project and culling material from 20+ new original songs.

Set List

Brad's set is usually 90% original, although Brad has a vast repertoire of covers at his disposal. Brad can play short sets or long, easily filling a 3-hour night with 90% original material.

Covers include Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, Bebo Norman, Lifehouse, Third Day, old-school Hymns.