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The best kept secret in music


Weston's Brad Callow turned in his soccer cleats for a microphone and guitar last year when the 2000 Town Crier athlete of the year started a band with fellow Tufts University students.

Since August (03), the 21 year old senior and his band mates have toured the local circuit - including several Boston bars and fraternity and sorority house. Now The Residence hopes to fill the 900-seat Somerville Theater this weekend.

For their debut CD release party, Callow, whop plays electric guitar, sings and writes music, says it's going to be a great show "We've done some good studio work and have a great producer" he said, "We've got some good hooks (choruses) that are easy and fun to catch on to."

Callow says The Residence has a standard pop rock sound, similar to the styling of John Mayer. While they do mostly original songs, the also throws in favorite covers from Dave Matthews, Peter Gabriel, Men at Work and Bon Jovi. "People love to sing along" Callow said.

It seems, though, that the Residence won't have to resort to catchy remakes much longer, as they've developed quite a following on the Tufts campus and beyond.

"I love being on stage and interacting with the audience." he said, "It's amazing to see people know your stuff and sing your songs."

While Callow puts his band into the pop category, it's not your typical sound. In addition to drums, guitar, bass and vocals, The Residence also boasts a saxophone to add a bit of diversity to the mix.

Anish Jain, a sophomore, started playing saxophone at age 10. By 16, he was playing bars in Singapore, where he lived.

Other band members include Clark Casey, bass guitar; Michael Blumberg, Drums; and Brandon Kitchell, who plays rhthym guitar and sings.

Even though he's been in other bands and has put out a solo album - called "Someday" - Callow says this band has been the most driven and hardest working.

And while Callow says the band hasn't been "gigging" much lately, they have been busy in the studio putting finishing touches on the album. The disc is currently unnamed, but Callow promises it's "gonna be hot"

Ironically, what was once simply a way to relax has become a focal point of Callow's life.

Excelling in soccer and track at Weston High School, Callow casually picked up a pair of dumsticks his sophomore year when his brother's band had a set at his house to rehearse for a school variety show. "The mother of the kid diddn't want the music at her house, so they brought it to ours." he recalls. "I taught myself, and that led to an interest in guitar and it grew from there."

Since Callow doesn't come from a musical family, he said playing instruments was appealing because it was different. After picking up the drums, he started teaching himself guitar and realized music was an avenue he'd like to travel. He coupled his self-teachings with guitar and piano lessons and is now taking voice lessons while trying to hone his writing style. A psychology major at Tufts, Callow says he's enjoying his area of study, but isn't sure he'll explore it as a career choice right away.

"For a couply years, I'm going to go for the music dream," he said. "I have high hopes for the future. Callow is making great progress to achieve that dream. In addition to making and performing music, he's also trying to establish connections in the music community, and works as an intern at Boston's Top 40 radio station, Kiss108. And when he's not making music, he's making strides: Callow is preparing to run his fifth marathon Monday, the second in Boston.

After graduation Callow said he's going to try to hook up with a record label in Boston or New York and find a manager to keep him in the music business. Wherever he goes, though, Callow said he knows Weston will continue to be behind him. "People are very supportive in Weston" he said. To continue to support Callow's work, his music can be purchases at Eaton Apothecary in Weston Center. Check out the website, for The Residence msuci news and information on the April 16th release concert. Tickets can also be purchases the night of the show at the theater in Davis Square. Proceeds from the show are going to breast cancer research.
- MetroWest Daily News

...we are bobbing our head's the surfer rock reminiscent tune, "Someday." Its mixture of relaxing jazz-like guitar and muted lyrics bring us into the realm of jam bands and singer-songwriters like Jack Johnson.....This is then contrasted by Brad Callow's range and effective storytelling. These factors make "Quiet" one of the superior tracks on the CD. - The Tufts Daily

It's 8 p.m. in Hotung, and as the laugh track from That '70s Show blares I suddenly turn my attention to the personable gentlemen sitting across the table. They are Brad Callow and Josh Friedman, two-thirds of the band Stellar.
The trio, composed of Friedman (guitar and vocals), Callow (drums) and Brian Friedlich (bass), made their debut in Hotung last fall. Friedman is a senior and an American Studies major form Los Angles. Callow, a psychology major from Boston, and Friedlich, an environmental engineer from New Jersey, are both sophomores.

The group got together after Callow responded to an ad placed by Friedman looking for band member. Friedlich, who lived in South Hall with Callow, later joined the group and Stellar was formed. The band was a month old when they made their debut at Hotung.

"It was great," recalled Friedman. "There were over a hundred people who came that night." The band has been busy ever since, spending the past four months writing 25 new songs.

"We once recorded for 17 hours straight," said Friedman

"I fell asleep on the floor," added Callow. Their first album should be released in April.

Despite their accomplishments, the band is only able to practice once a week for a few hours because of schedule conflicts. When preparing for a show, however, the group will practice for at least two hours every other day.

The band has had several shows around the Boston area, their favorite having been at Brandeis University for a charity event. Over two hundred people attended. Their least favorite was their performance at Brown and Brew.

"We don't think of ourselves as an acoustic band," Callow explained. Friedman was also ill that night. The group will be performing again at Hotung next Thursday and offers their services at parties for free.

Callow describes their sound as "... alternative/rock with a slight influence of jam and punk. It's a fusion of popular styles." Both Friedman and Callow both immediately and reverently said lauded "Dave"(referring to Dave Matthews) as their main source of musical inspiration. "Because he's god," commented Friedman.

"He's just so talented," added Callow. They also sited influences range from Third Eye Blind to New Found Glory to Vertical Horizon to Fuel. Individually the band members favor many different styles of music. Friedman is into indie rock, Friedlich is into jam rock and Callow is a pop rock fan.

The trio's short-term goal is to get into the Battle of the Bands this spring "and hopefully win." The band bears no ill will towards their competition, however, discussing other acts favorably.

"We like the Boston funk band " states Friedman.

The group would like for campus bands to have more opportunities to play around the school. "The thing that pisses me off is that Hotung and Brown and Brew only have one music night," says Friedman. Stellar would like to encourage students to start coming out to more campus shows and supporting local music.

The future of the group is uncertain, as Friedman prepares to graduate. What they do will depend on whether Friedman decides to remain in the area. Nevertheless, the band is confident in their potential growth. "We feel that we have a really strong band. We have a pretty good following and this spring we expect the following to increase."

The group does like the Boston music scene. "Coming from LA it's a lot smaller but there are a lot of good opportunities," Friedman said. They also say the college scene is what makes playing in Boston the most worthwhile.

"That's who we really want to reach out to, that's our demographic." said Callow

In watching music trends the band is gratified by the rise of indie rock groups. "Independent rock is getting more prevalent today. It's great bands like Saves the Day and Jimmy Eat World are getting recognition," Friedman said. They also appreciate the resurgence of harder rock and alternative groups like Incubus and Hoobastank. Like many they anxiously await the fall of boy bands and cheesy pop Like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. Said Friedman, "they're on their way out."

The guys do have lives outside the band. Callow snowboards, plays " too many" video games, and runs; recently he has participated in a marathon. Josh owns a record label in LA called Precision Entertainment. Both go to the gym regularly and, of course, are concerned with keeping up their grades.

- The Tufts Daily

....The show opened with an upbeat bang as student band, The Residence, enthusiastically shook the auditorium and engaged the audience in a spirited chemistry that lasted the entire show. It was hard not to immediately become absorbed in the group's Dave Matthews-like beats, complete with sax and inspired lyrics....
- Tufts Daily


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Feeling a bit camera shy


A new musical phenomenon has hit the Boston music scene and fans are starting to pay attention to his music.

24 year old Brad Callow has been headlining major clubs in the Northeast for the past few years generating a rapidly increasing college-aged fan base. His songs have been compared to artists such as John Mayer, Maroon5 and even Switchfoot.

“Callow is a fresh sounding artist that can hold his own in today’s pop radio through his honest songwriting and catchy melodies” – Ed McMann, Radio Personality – WXKS Kiss108FM Boston.

Callow began his musical journey 10 years ago at age 14 by stumbling upon an old drum set in his parents’ garage. He picked up a pair of sticks and taught himself a few beats. After generating more of an interest in music, he began teaching himself more complex drum patterns and poly-rhythms. Within a month of learning how to play drums, Callow started his first band ever – Low Profile. It was mainly a cover band, with a few occasional originals. As Low Profile went on, Callow’s musical interest grew and he decided to teach himself how to play piano and guitar. Eventually, Callow’s interest in guitar and singing took over and he decided to put the drum sticks away. By the time Callow was 19, he had started to front his different college bands a lead singer and guitarist. Callow’s biggest college success story came from his band called The Residence, a 5-piece acoustic rock group consisting of vocals/acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and saxophone. The group headlined major venues across the Northeast at colleges, bars, and clubs while gaining a massive college appeal. They released their debut CD “Rush Over” on Stellar Music Productions – a 7 song EP that sold out at every show. By the spring of 2005, The group went their separate ways decided to move forward independently.

Now, Callow is completing his 3rd independent album. The album will be released through Boston based independent record label, Stellar Music Productions in June 2006. “This will be the greatest musical project I have ever worked on, and I am confident that my fans will see that in both the writing material and the production of the CD.” says Callow. Stay tuned, as it is going to be a very exciting 2006 for this upcoming artist.

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