Brad Casey alternately performs solo and with a band. The songs range from those which play with silence to those which are driving, full of noise. The weight of words is focused upon to a great degree. Strength of voice is integral. Musicianship important. Listen if you like.


At the age of 12 my parents bought me a guitar. I don't know why, but I played it.

At the age of 16 I married the idea of becoming a writer. I bought a notebook and wrote it cover to cover with bad writing; with what I knew was bad writing, but I kept the words coming. I have drawers full of bad writing that could fulfill the life of the worst of writers.

At 19 I started singing. I practiced vocal techniques, learned songs, studied vocalists that attracted me. I knew I wanted to write songs, that I wanted to perform, but I was not ready for either yet. I sang bad songs badly.

At 21 I wrote a song which wasn’t so bad, and could sing it well. Then another song came. Stages were found. Writing was improved upon gracefully. I reached a point where my talent was enough to be comfortable on stage with a guitar.

At 23 I wrote and recorded 11 songs for an album titled The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, the title being taken from a novel by Jean Rhys. It comes from half a life of influence and practice. It's a humble effort; it has its mistakes but it has its charms as well.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf holds love songs for lonely people. Its themes center around scenes half-lit; seen through a haze. Half of its songs are dressed up with a full band, at times dramatic, at times relaxed. The other half of its songs are stripped down with just guitar or piano and vocals, at times dramatic, at times relaxed. Its secrets can be found in its dichotomies and contradictions, if that’s where you’re looking for them.

This album is the first; the foreword to an elaborate history. Perhaps my writing is as bad as it ever was, perhaps I’m following in the steps of the bad songs I once sang badly. Regardless, I am now comfortable enough to share it with whoever wishes to judge its mistakes and charms.

Enjoy. Or not.


Caesuric EP
The Hour Between Dog and Wolf

Set List

Assorted setlists from the following selections:

- Hazy Eyes
- Fireplace
- Sophia & Israfel
- Helpless
- You Alone
- You Might Find
- What Will You Do
- I Was a Fool
- The Hour
- Young Punks
- Final Thoughts For the Wolf
- I Won't Deny You
- Of This Crown, Of This Throne
- Hourglass
- White Flame Woman
- Holy Moan

- Carbon Cowboy (Vince Andrushko)