Brad Davidge

Brad Davidge


Who is Brad Davidge? "A virtuoso on guitar" (The Mail Star), "... a gifted singer-songwriter with a guitar case full of great songs." (The Guardian). Who is Brad Davidge? The short answer is someone YOU will want to listen to over and over.


He has shared the stage with the likes of Faith Hill, Don Henley, Allison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Yo-Yo Ma, Hayley Westenra, Gordie Sampson, Rosanne Cash, Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor, Randy Bachman, Carlos Nunez and Natalie MacMaster. He's recorded with such world class talents as Michael McDonald, Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, and Jerry Douglas. He's performed at Carnegie Hall, and The Hollywood Bowl and has appeared on Good Morning America, Late Night with Conan O'Brien and ABC's New Years Eve Special. Now, with Juno Award winning producer and former band mate Gordie Sampson, Brad Davidge has embarked on a musical journey like no other - Unfolded - Brad's debut solo effort. By removing the boundaries of the traditional east coast style, Brad is revolutionizing a new musical movement that is resonating with audiences world wide.

"Unfolded is the work of an accomplished musical craftsman with keen pop sensibilities, a warm and inviting collection of songs that draw you in with the kinds of strong melody lines that stay with you long after you've put the disc away and keep your attention with thoughtfully conceived and well-crafted lyrics that are easy to relate to."- The Guardian

Born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Gander, Newfoundland, Brad Davidge was brought up in a musically rich environment. "I've always had lots of inspiration to draw upon", he says. At age eleven, Brad got his first guitar, and started out by accompanying his father who played traditional tunes on the accordion. By the age of fifteen, he had progressed so rapidly, he began touring around Newfoundland in various bands, most of whose members were twice his age, doubling on lead vocals and guitars. During this time Brad felt a need to express himself in a more original way, and began writing songs. While in the twelfth grade, Brad joined forces with fellow songwriter Dean Bury to form Dissonance. They recorded and released their debut album, Plant Your Seed, in the spring of 1990. Supported heavily by CBC stations throughout the province and abroad, Dissonance was a huge success.

"Brad Davidge on guitar is … a virtuoso … full of rhythmic drive and jazz attitude."- The Mail Star

Brad continued to tour throughout Newfoundland with Dissonance until completing high school. He then decided to take his music one step further. He cut his ties with the group, and enrolled in the Jazz program at St. F. X. University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia to study under guitar legend Rod Elias, and vocal master Doug Rose. Four years later, in 1995, Brad completed his degree and graduated with First Class Honors.

"High-energy licks with guitarist Brad Davidge… easily stretch the boundaries of traditional style."- Sonic Net

Following graduation, Brad formed the band Soul's Road. A four piece pop act, Soul's Road was yet another outlet to showcase Brad's talent as a songwriter, vocalist, and musician. They toured throughout eastern Canada from 1995-1997. Then singer/songwriter Terry Kelly asked Brad to join his touring band. Although this would mean a different role for Brad, he was open to the idea. Primarily a country/pop show, Brad showcased his ability as a lead and rhythm player, as well as singing background vocals. Combining jazz, rock, and country, Brad floored audiences with his impressive technique and sound.

"Brad Davidge is an excellent guitar player "- The Boston Globe

He played with Terry until 1998 when he was asked to join forces with Gaelic songstress Mary Jane Lamond as her guitarist. Mary Jane's group brought out a whole new side of Brad's playing abilities. The music went from very subtle, with delicate nuances, to hard driving funk, reminiscent of the Meters. Brad thrived on the band's dynamic, "It's taken me years to learn when not to play." He once said. "The guitar parts are all quite involved with Mary Jane's music, sometimes I am covering three to four guitar parts at once which make for some very interesting possibilities on the guitar, and I love that!"

"Brad Davidge demonstrated his musical expertise, whether on acoustic or electric guitars, and drove several of the songs with his energetic playing."- Indiana Daily

He continued to tour with Mary Jane, wowing audiences with his subtle touch and aggressive fire, until October of 1999 when he decided to make another change, and joined forces with the Grammy nominated fiddling sensation, Natalie MacMaster. Not being your average traditional show, the band incorporates various styles of music including jazz, bluegrass, country, funk, rock, and flamenco, where Brad is afforded many opportunities to showcase his abilities. "A lot of the show is guitar oriented, which keeps me busy and very happy at the same time," he says. With Natalie, Brad is touring throughout the globe playing many of the larger festivals and well-known venues. Brad has also been involved in other musical projects. For instance, in January of 2000, Brad was asked to take part in a project whi


Thanks Alot For Nothing

Written By: Brad Davidge; Jason Davidge

For everything I’m feeling, for everything I’ve left behind I’ve finally found the reason, but boy it sure was hard to find.
Do you think he’ll make you happy? Do you think he’ll make you happier than I?
Do you think it would’ve been too much for me to ask you not to lie?
Well no one should feel this way, so thanks a lot for nothing

These empty words are killin me, and not everything is crystal clear. For instance why am I so far down if I’m the “so-called” good guy here?
Through good and bad, thick and thin, infinity and back again. I Well I promised me until the end, oh you were going to tell me, when?
Thank you for setting me straight, thanks a lot for nothing

I hope that you’re ready, you’re life is going to change to something unsteady where the truths are rearranged, are you even real after all? How could you just sit there and try and shift the blame? I’d rather say nothing if it’s all the same

Saturday you came down whirling, seeking out another chance to explain.
But I got all the explanation I needed from one look at your eyes, guilty as charged

If he can offer more than me than I’ll gladly wear my crown of thorns. I’ll clothe me in this bitterness, which in the end will I adorn.
So cover up your ugly head, and think about your every move. I once hated the thought of hating you but now it seems you to behoove.
I never knew you anyway, thanks a lot for nothing.

And it’s all the same, so thanks a lot for nothing
Thanks a lot for nothing

Stuck In The Middle

Written By: Brad Davidge; Natalie MacMaster

Have you ever found yourself?
In a sticky situation
Caught between colliding worlds
With no chance of reconciliation

I can’t explain why
But I always seem to find my way inside
Their puzzled little minds
I guess I hold the key
To open the door that they can’t see on their own

First you hear one thing
Then you hear another
I don’t know why they come to me
Can’t they see I’m not their mother?

Feels like there’s no place to go
To try to run and hide
When you’re forced to choose a side
Well maybe I don’t want to
Get involved that way
No here is where I wanna stay

I can’t help but find myself stuck in the middle
And I don’t mind when I find myself stuck in the middle

Is it rain or is it shine?
Will it be peace or a war?
A slinky for a spine
Don’t know what they lean on me for

It’s a hurricane around
And they’ve caught me inside the eye of the storm
But it’s actually pretty nice here.
The winds begin to howl, and amidst all the wreckage that they’re causing
I just roll along with it.

We should open up the blindness
To the thought of love and kindness
And when the sky begins to clear
Like the clouds you know I’ll disappear

Falling Apart At The Seams

Written By: Brad Davidge; Jason Davidge

Daydream of a memory, all alone and suddenly
You’re here by my side
We’ve got no place to go, and I’d just like to let you know
What’s inside?

I paint a perfect picture, embracing every feature
And my mind just dances
But life is such a steady rush, you turn away, and I drop the brush

If you only knew

I am falling apart at the seams when I’m with you
Falling apart it seems
That the top of the world is a distance horizon
I’m falling apart over you

The bright stars and the shining sea are my only boundary
Still I’m trapped above the shoulders
Lord knows what would I give, it’s a dream I still relive,
Where I could hold her

Her she comes walking down the line; goose bumps are running down my spine
My veins can’t take it, no, no
Searching for a better way, to dress up what I want to say
But my words are naked

How do I get these feelings through to you?
I don’t know what to do, so I’ll just hide a while behind my dreams

All My Love

Written By: Brad Davidge; Jason Davidge

It’s early morning baby,
Shadows are creeping in.
And as the sunlight blossoms,
It’s powdering your skin.

I sit and I admire,
My sleeping beauty,
And it strikes like lightning,
Just what you mean to me.

But I’ve been seeing less of you,
More and more these days.
Now the moment is right.
And I can’t wait for tonight.

All my love is on your time.
All my love is on your time.

She’s passing by the window,
The sky is on fire.
And I’m burning up, euphoria,
Cause you take my higher.

My fingertips are trembling
Dancing on your face.
And your hair is all around me
Your lips have finally found me
I’m lost in your embrace

The warmth of your breath on my skin
Makes me come undone
As our hands begin to explore
Oh my love I’m all yours

Now the moment is right
And baby, this is our night

Upside Down

Written By: Brad Davidge; Jason Davidge

I hope you've thought about everything,
I just don’t want to wait for the phone to ring
telling me I've been a fool for all these years,
just take a moment make sure your head is clear

I smile and hold back my true feelings.
This casual approach is how I'm dealing
I ask you why and fall humbly to my knees
But you then you say that it's not because of me

I always was the one who got left behind.
Trying to catch up while she was first in line
All of a sudden it's me who's gone ahead
I'll go and sleep here but I didn't make this bed

So send me an angel
to watch over me
somebody to talk to
if I feel the need
cause my whole world is spinning
turned upside down
But you know I’ll be waiting, when you come around, when you come around

Well there are secrets and there are lies
And I could see one when I looked into your eyes
Telling me that you're not sure where to turn
give me a chance and let's see what we can learn

we've been together since we were so young
and though I brushed it off, I knew this day would come
when you'd get curious and feel the need
to play the field before you give yourself to me

I know that you're scared. The truth is that I'm scared too.
But we’re in this together, and you know that I’ll be there for you


LP: Unfolded (2003)
Produced by Grammy Award Winner, Gordie Sampson
EP: Danny Boy (2006)
Released due to great demand from Natalie MacMaster fans.
Singles: Stuck in the Middle Featuring Natalie MacMaster (2006)

Set List

Shows are comprised of Brads critically acclaimed originals with covers limited to a few favorite artists like The Police, The Beatles, and Coldplay. The sets run anywhere from 20 minutes, to 2 hours.